Sunday, October 29, 2006

a big loss

Pronunciation: 'grEf
Function: noun
Definition: deep and poignant distress caused by or as if by bereavement; a cause of such suffering

The 5 stages of grief:

DENIAL—“I can’t believe it. There’s just no way. How could this happen? Nope, it’s just not possible.”

ANGER—“It’s their own damn fault. They brought this upon themselves.”

BARGAINING—“Hey, God. It’s me, Liz. If I promise to go to church for the rest of the year, will you take back what happened on Saturday?”

DEPRESSION—*sniffle* “I’m in mourning. Please leave me be.”

ACCEPTANCE—It’s only been a day. I’m clearly not in this stage yet.

It may take me a while to accept that USC lost to the Beavers of Oregon State.


DCWeddingPhotog said...

yeah... when I saw that game, I could only think of you and how sad you would be... I'm sorry for your loss! :-(

Law-Rah said...

I thought of you. BUT, I gotta say it was really only a matter of time.