Thursday, October 26, 2006

from WaPo's college football chat...

Columbia, S.C.: Best Gameday Atmosphere: South Carolina, the REAL USC. I mean, we sold out during a 0-21 losing streak here. That alone puts us up there.

What do you think of South Carolina vs. Tennessee? I think it will be close and will be decided by a kicker. Go Gamecocks.
Are you serious? The University of South Carolina is the Real USC???
  • first off, when you google "USC," the FIRST thing that comes up is the University of Southern California
  • secondly, when you enter into your browser, you get the University of Southern California's webpage (South Carolina's page is
  • when any sportscaster says "USC," they are referring to the University of Southern California.
  • when the Trojans play on TV, the scoreboard on the screen says, "USC." When the University of South Carolina plays, it says "S. Car."
Hey, 'cocks! Even if you win a couple of national championships, you'll never retain sole possession of "USC."

I just noticed something...their mascot is the 'cock and we're the Trojans. Heh...funny.

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