Monday, February 12, 2007

the most indecent proposal ever

WARNING: The cynic in me wrote this post.

It’s two days until Valentine’s Day and frankly, I’m just not ready. I didn’t really like Valentine’s Day when I was single and I’m not a big fan of it now that I’m with someone. There’s just so much pressure to make the day special. Like oh my god, we have to go some where romantic for dinner. Like oh my god, I have to give the most romantic gift. Like oh my god, I have to prove my love! Ugh.

Don’t get me wrong. Jesse and I have spent many wonderful Valentine’s Days together. However, I would’ve been just as happy doing the things we did for each other on some other day of the year.

As I ran around this weekend looking for the perfect present for Jesse (it’s not like I don’t know…I know exactly what I want to give Jesse, I just haven’t found it), I wondered, what is so special about Valentine’s Day? I don’t need a stupid holiday to remind me of how much I love my boyfriend. Nor do I need a special day for my boyfriend to prove his love for me. We already know we love each other. And frankly, it’s the little things we do for each other every day of the year that prove our love, not some grand, ultimate romantic gesture we would feel inclined to do on V-day.

So what’s so special about V-day? The answer is nothing. And frankly, Hallmark doesn’t want you to know that.

But Hallmark (which I am sure is the diabolical mastermind behind this commercial holiday) and its many partners in cheapening romance (like Godiva, flower shops, and jewelry stores everywhere) want you to believe that V-day is THE day to prove your love and enact the most grandiose gesture of everlasting love ever—the wedding proposal. So much so that Hallmark has offered its services to help you profess your undying love for your significant other. Just in case you’re too wussy to do this in person (or perhaps you’ve run out of original ideas for a proposal to remember), Hallmark has created a proposal e-card just for you.

screen shot of the worst e-card ever

I am so incredibly disturbed by this I will reserve comment. However, it is clear that Hallmark (and its predatory partners) has stripped Valentine’s Day of love and romance and replaced them with cheese.

A TOTAL ASIDE: I apologize for ignoring the blog lately. After the work incident, I needed to step back a bit. But now I’m back and fully inspired for blog posts for the rest of the week.


Michelle said...

Hoops and Yo Yo "will ya marry me" e card! I am laughing so hard I had to pick myself up off the floor. I agree, Hallmark is OUT OF CONTROL. Did you know they are even selling cards and opening stores in UKRAINE!? And I hate to admit it, but I broke down and BOUGHT a card for a special someone. HALLMARK is taking over the world!!!!

lizzie said...

ha! perhaps we've uncovered hallmark's plan for world domination!