Monday, February 26, 2007

ugh…I’m never drinking again…until friday

Way back in the day, when I was a DC intern, I met and became very good friends with Kattie (who just so happens to be a loyal blog peep). Kattie and I spent that whole summer shopping and drinking (I think I’m still paying off that credit card debt). So when Kattie arrived on Friday for a visit, I knew exactly what we would be doing—shopping and drinking (in that order).

On Saturday, Kattie and I decided to pay our favorite bartender a visit. Ted (from Millie and Al’s) has been my fave bartender for awhile, but Kattie has decided to adopt him as her own. I may have mentioned this before in this blog, but when I was in grad school, my friends and I would go out to Adams Morgan every weekend and I got to know Ted really well during that period. I certainly don’t go out as often as I used to but Ted (and the Millie and Al’s doorman) still remembers me and never fails to treat me and my friends well.

Because we wanted Ted’s undivided attention for awhile, Kattie and I headed out to Adams Morgan pretty early. We were seated at the bar by 8:30, right in front of Ted. I figured that once the bar started getting really busy, Ted wouldn’t be as attentive. Lucky for us, I was wrong. Ted was still good to us, making sure our glasses were never empty. And whenever the giant Jell-o Shot Light Bulb went off, Ted gave us shots first. Needless to say, by midnight, Kattie and I were very, very (ahem) ‘happy’.

kattie and me looking happy as photographed by ted

By the time we had unintentionally garnered the attention of these older lawyer type guys, Kattie and I were ready to go. I asked Ted to close the tab and when I got it, I noticed that a number of drinks had been omitted (perhaps accidentally, but I know it wasn’t an accident). One of the lawyer types grabbed the credit card slip from me and said, “Oh let me get it for you guys.” I was in no condition to argue against the possibility of getting drunk for free, so the lawyer type called Ted over and said he would pay for it. Ted, being the considerate guy that he is, looked to me first to see if it was ok, and I shrugged my shoulders. The lawyer type gave him money and the tab was settled.

I then saw the lawyer type give Ted a tip. He tipped Ted 10% for our bill. I was pissed. Sure the lawyer type didn’t know that Ted had been good to us all night, but I didn’t think a 10% tip was acceptable. I grabbed a 20 from my wallet (which was almost 50% of our tab) and called Ted over. Trying not to slur my speech, I said, “In case I get hit by a Metrobus tomorrow and lord knows that is definitely possible considering all the people that have been hit by a bus lately, I want you to know that you are the best bartender in DC.” At this, Ted grinned very sheepishly (it was so cute). Kattie added, “I came all the way from California to see you.” As Ted was thanking us for the compliments we were showering him with, I discreetly slipped him a 20. I said, “That guy clearly didn’t tip you enough. Seriously, dude, you’re awesome. Thanks for everything.”

Right before we said goodbye, Kattie asked Ted where he would be Sunday night in case we wanted to go out. He gave us the details and we told him we’d see him tomorrow.

I’m not quite sure how we got home that night. I recall a guy escorting us through this park on our way to the Metro and then some weird guy on the Metro talking to us and then getting home and crashing. I was pretty useless on Sunday.

And unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Ted Sunday night. I don’t think I’ll be drinking again for awhile.

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