Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"what a girl wants" is a good show

People need to stop scheduling concerts I want to go to on work nights. I’m too old to be staying out late and then getting up early to go to work the next day. Back when I was working at the Crap, I would occasionally show up to work hung over. However, those days are long gone. I’m just too old now. Still, I refuse to miss a good show.

Last night, I went to the Christina Aguilera concert. Danity Kane and the Pussycat Dolls were the opening acts. It was an estrogen-filled, musical extravaganza. And it was quite the experience.

Danity Kane opened and performed for about 25 minutes. I’m such a sucker for those MTV/VH1 reality shows so I was already familiar with Danity Kane from their Making the Band 3 days. And I must confess I actually work out to their album. But I was probably most interested in seeing Aubrey O’Day as there are rumors out there that she is preggers with Diddy’s baby. From what I recall from MTB3, Mr. Diddy was very fond of Ms. O’Day so I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true (well, that and the fact that Diddy can’t seem to keep it in his pants in general). Anyways, peeps, I can neither confirm nor deny that Aubrey is pregnant. She was wearing a super short sequin shift dress that was a little snug around her belly. Also, it looks like she had gained some weight in the hips and thigh section (having recently been cursed with some weight gain, I can relate). My guess is that she probably just gained a little chub. I’m sure that girl will work it right off during the tour. If not, then she’s probably preggers.


Anyways, DK put on an alright show. Sure they can sing (wow, Aundrea’s got some pipes) but they can’t really perform. That’s ok though since they’re newbies (and they might never have another album)…especially when compared to the Pussycat Dolls.

There were two guys sitting in front of Jesse and me during the concert who were pretty entertaining (more so than PCD) and apparently loved the Pussycat Dolls. PCD started their show with ‘Buttons’ which brought these two guys to their feet. As the Dolls were gyrating and dancing suggestively on stage, one of the guys said (in some sort of twang), “Oh yeah, that’s some good pussy” over and over. Personally, I didn’t think that guy had ever known what ‘good pussy’ is but that’s a whole different blog post. Anyways, those guys sure did love the Pussycat Dolls. And the Good Pussy Guy went crazy when all the other Dolls left the stage except for Nicole and Nicole starting to sing solo (and frankly, it should’ve stayed that way since she’s the only one who can sing). Good Pussy Guy said, “Damn Nicole, that girl can sing!” I’m guessing his favorite doll was Nicole.


Then there was a long intermission, during which Good Pussy Guy and his friend drank another beer, and I cuddled with Jesse who was being a good sport and then I waved to my friend Rene in the crowd. And then finally, Christina came out.

She opened with Ain’t No Other Man, which I absolutely love since it reminds me of Jesse (I’m so cheesy sometimes). The whole show was very old school, 1920s vampy kind of style (with a circus thrown in the mix). The big live brass band was pretty cool, even if there were times that their instruments were heard better than Christina was.


Christina sang most of the songs from her most recent album with some oldies mixed in. For example, she did a really cool reggae-inspired version of What a Girl Wants that was actually really good. In concerts, I prefer that songs stay in their original radio-play form. I hate remixes or ‘interpretations’ but this one almost sounded better than the original song.

My only complaint was when she sang, ‘Oh Mother.’ I do like the song and she sang it well. However, the song is about the domestic violence she and her mom faced. As she sang the song, the images of a man beating a woman filled the giant screens behind her and it was a total mood killer. The fact that Christina displayed some emotion as she sang the song coupled with the giant images of a beaten woman was really just too much. And what’s worse is that this song was sung towards the end of the show. I understand that domestic violence is an important issue to Christina but I question the song’s placement in the show.


Other than that, Christina was awesome and worth the hours of lost sleep. She ended the show with “Lady Marmalade,” which was a great and unexpected treat (the encore included the songs “Thank You”, “Fighter” and “Beautiful”). And I left thinking, Wow that girl can really sing.

As for Good Pussy Guy and his friend? Yeah, they loved Christina too. In fact, Good Pussy Guy yelled a couple of times during the songs, “You go, bitch! You go!”

Oh so entertaining.

Next up for me: Lily Allen at 9:30 Club on Sunday and the fifth row at the Gwen Stefani concert in May!


Shell said...

what? no blog comment on your metro ride home! ha ha!

b said...

Good Pussy Guy,

sounds like a hellava band name

DCWeddingPhotog said...

haha, sounds like it was a great concert. I really need to go to more. Also, I think we both need to go to a blogger happy hour.

lizzie said...

shell--ha! that story will be on the blog today. how could i not write about that?

b--perhaps i should copyright it now so i could make some money.

mk--you know what? i would love to finally meet you. you let me know which one and i'll be there.

yummy411 said...

great story!
..the mood killer of the show
...think of the hits you'll get from saying pussy so many times on your blog LOOLOL
..cuddling with Jesse during the show, awww!

i saw that CA was coming and while i adore her, i just didn't make a big fuss about going to the concert... now i kinda wish i had =p good times!