Tuesday, May 8, 2007

HEY! that’s not what my metrobus fare pays for

The day started out as it usually does. Turning over in bed around 6-ish and noticing Jesse’s absence. Getting an affectionate wake up “call” from Jesse around 7. Ironing my work outfit and talking to Jesse. Kissing my boo goodbye and then jumping in the shower. Walking to the bus stop, all dressed and ready to face the workday by 8-ish. Getting on the bus shortly after that, if I’m lucky.

Lately I have been getting lucky as far as Metrobus is concerned. It’s actually showing up on time (or at least around the time it should be there, as opposed to 20 minutes later). And since I’ve been in routine mode lately, I’ve been catching the same Express Metrobus almost every day.

Every day, the bus driver is the same. And every day, the girl who flirts with him is the same. He’s kind of a youngish driver, probably in his mid 20s, and oddly fit for a bus driver. Flirty Girl can’t be more than 20 and is pretty short. And every day, the bus driver seems to love the attention. Me? I briefly notice and then I continue to read my book and listen to my iPod (this week’s selection is the aforementioned Ask a Mexican).

That’s not to say I ignore the bus driver. When I get on and pay with my SmarTrip card, I wish him a good morning. And when I get off, I thank him and I head towards the Metro. One time, he actually held the bus for me at my stop while I crossed the street so I could get on. I remember thanking him profusely for that. That was the extent of my interaction with him, until today. And today will hopefully be the most interaction I will have with him ever.

When I got on today, I noticed that Flirty Girl wasn’t there. I forgot my book (the travesty!) and sat and looked out the window while Lily Allen played in my ear. When the bus got to the Metro station, I started to walk out. And then the bus driver asked me to hold on. My heart started beating fast as I turned off my iPod. What could he possibly want to discuss with me? Did my SmarTrip card not take when I got on? Was he trying to warn me about a negative balance? Was he going to accuse me of skipping out on my bus fare? He waited for everyone to get off the bus and he said, “I think you’re cute. Do you think you can call me sometime?” As he said this, he handed me a folded up bus transfer with his name and number presumably written on the back (I couldn’t even look at it so this was later confirmed by my co-worker).

All I could think of was Jesse. I already have a boyfriend, I thought. Easiest reason to turn down a guy ever. And the best part is that it’s true! But what I said was, “Me?” I look nothing like Flirty Girl. And I have barely talked to this guy (Does “Good morning” and “Thank you” count as flirting these days?). How could he possibly be interested in me? Then the bus driver said, “Just take it and think about it, ok?” I took the bus transfer with his number on it and said curtly, “I’ve gotta go.” I walked off that bus incredibly confused and I thought to myself, I hope he’s not checking out my ass as I walk away.

So my question is, what do I do now? Avoid him like the plague and take an earlier bus? Never mention it again? After all, he should get the hint if I never call him, right? Or maybe I should tell him that I have a boyfriend, even if he doesn’t believe me…

I guess I should be flattered that my bus driver thinks I’m cute. But the truth is that I’m just uncomfortable now.

Ugh. This sucks.


Golden Silence said...

Oh, lord.

Back in Buffalo some bus driver tried to hit on me and offered me free rides...and that fool was old enough to be my daddy. Ew.

I think you should've been honest with him. Just tell him you have a boyfriend. Hopefully from that point he'll be professional again (excluding his behavior with "Flirty Girl") and do his daggone job!

Beakerz said...

-sigh- That's great (for the compliment) but he really put you in a shitty situation.

You didn't say, "sorry, i have a boyfriend" so now it's kinda like a blow-off line if you say it, even if true. That's prolly what he'll think.

Either way, when you don't go out with him, if he remains your bus driver then it could be an uncomfortable sitch.

Then again, all could go well.

Take the compliment and worry about the rest later. The flirty girl will be back and take her place and you can return to your book =)

sunchaser said...

Oops! :)

"That’s not to say I ignore the bus driver. When I get on and pay with my SmarTrip card, I wish him a good morning. And when I get off, I thank him and I head towards the Metro."

Question (since you're pretty observant): how many of the other riders say these things to the driver, or are you and "Flirty Girl" the only ones?

It will be interesting to see if "Flirty Girl's" disappearance is a one-time thing.

I would just tell him you have a serious boyfriend, since it is the truth. You could even tell him that you appreciated the compliment, but that he caught you by surprise. He might or might not believe you, but it's always better to be honest, IMHO. Plus, much better/less stressful on yourself rather than having to think up some elaborate story :)