Friday, June 22, 2007

why it's never a good idea to leave me home alone

Like I said earlier, I've been sick the last couple of days (hence my lack of posting this week and I apologize for that). Yesterday, instead of sleeping all day like I did the day before, I checked my email in the morning and found an email from Banana Republic announcing their summer sale. I immediately clicked through and started shopping (just because I can't breathe through my nose right now doesn't mean I can't shop). Among the many things I bought that I really don't need is this:

Not like I have an occasion to wear this dress to, but I just HAD to have it. If you too must feed the shopping beast within, I encourage you to check out Banana because they've got some great deals going on right now.

Must. Control. Shopping. Addiction.


sunchaser said...

Glad you're feeling better! :)

I kind of hate shopping. But that dress is really pretty!

I did find a nice black velvet, out-of-season, Ann Taylor dress from a thrift store this week - $4.00! (knowing where the "good" thrift stores are = valuable information :)

Madame M. said...

Arg! Banana!

Must. Control. Urge. ARG!

Don't go to

*evil cackle*