Monday, November 5, 2007

college football recap: homecoming edition

Ok. I have a confession to make. I only watched one football game this weekend. I know that makes me a really bad wannabe sports blogger. However, that makes me one loyal Trojan. So why did I only watch one game? Well, I was in SoCal this weekend to go to USC’s Homecoming game vs. Oregon State. Jesse and I spent the entire day on campus hanging out with friends and then going to the game at night.

My quick recap of the game: well, I missed all of the third quarter because I met up with one of my closest friends (and freshman year roommate) Aditi. But our defense kicked ass, as usual. The Trojan defense held the Beavers to just 3 points and honestly, the outcome of the game was never in doubt. It was just like old times, except returning starting QB John David Booty looked rusty. Backup Mark Sanchez should’ve been put in the game a heck of a lot sooner than just 2 minutes left, but whatevs. I refuse to believe that Sanchez is the reason why we lost to Oregon, so I feel that he should still be our starter.

Anyways, the day started off innocently enough. Jesse and I went to my friend Kattie’s tailgate where we enjoyed food that was provided by a caterer and alcohol galore. I may or may not have gotten a bit tipsy on margaritas. I cannot confirm nor deny my sobriety.

Here I am with Kattie, looking surprisingly sober
kattie and me

While walking on Trousdale, we met up with some friends.
shveta, aditi and me
That’s Shveta on the left. She lived across from me in the dorm freshman year. The girl in the middle is my friend Aditi and I’m on the right. That’s a non-alcoholic beer I’m holding (ignore the Miller light label).

We walked down Trousdale and headed to the Coliseum. But of course we had to stop and kick the flag poles for good luck (it’s a tradition, don’t ask).
Here’s Kattie’s kick.
kattie is kickin' it

Here we are en route, between the LA Museum of Natural History and the Coliseum. You can see the Coliseum in the background.
kattie, me, jesse, and the coliseum

We finally made it to the game. We were a little bit late, but we didn’t miss any action. Here’s a shot of the famous USC songleaders for all of my male readers (all two of you).
the world famous usc songleaders

And here is why I missed the third quarter. I finally got to meet my friend Aditi’s boo, Souk. Here we are in a cute little group pic.
jesse, me, aditi, and souk

We made it just in time to see Traveler (USC’s mascot…the white horse, not the guy dressed as a Trojan who rides him) and for the lighting of the Olympic Torch—the reason why I like night games.
the olympic torch

Here’s Traveler in action after the first touchdown.

Jesse and I stayed for the post game concert by the USC Marching Band, the Spirit of Troy. Here we are enjoying the performance.
jesse and me at the game

And here is every Trojan’s second favorite song (our fave being the USC Fight Song), Tusk…also known as the “UCLA sucks” song. The voice in the video is mine.

It was so good to come home.

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