Friday, May 9, 2008

fun fabulous frisky furry feline friday

I'm happy to report that the kitties are finally getting along. I thought that day would never come. It's so odd how one day two terribly belligerent kitties can suddenly start being nice to one another.

That's not to say that they didn't get any help in this process. One Feliway diffuser and lots of Rescue Remedy drops later, the two kitties are playing with each other and the hissing has completely stopped. And now I can say with much confidence that having two kitties is the best thing ever!

Cats have personalities. Who knew? Not only that, but two cats with seemingly opposite personalities can totally get along.

Take my household for example.

As you know, this is Dominick (aka Dom, Nicky, Nicky Poo, Stinky*, Stinky Booty*, Cutie Pie and Kitty One).
nicky peeps his head out

He is:

  • Older and twice Gracie's size.
  • Very vocal. Loves to talk and have conversations with his mommy and daddy.
  • Cries all the time for attention. Cries LOUDLY and INCESSANTLY when hungry.
  • Cannot resist the allure of the laser pointer.
  • Can't jump on counter tops (thank God).
  • Can aim correctly in the litter box.
  • A little wussy. Tends to cry and run away after getting hit by Gracie.
  • Can fetch but is easily distracted from returning the ball.
  • Affectionate when he wants to be.
  • Can stand being held for longer than two minutes.
  • Picks at his food during the day.
  • A fan of hiding in closets.
  • Can't help but escape every time we open the front door.
  • Very, very patient with Mommy and Daddy, and especially with Daddy who makes him do some silly things sometimes.
  • Has ADD, which is probably my fault because he has so many toys.
  • A Do-er, not a Thinker. He acts on impulse. How do I know this? By the way he instantly hunts his teasers or toy mice as soon as they are dangled in front of him.

Now I know you've only met her once, but here is Gracie (aka Gracie Poo, Stinky*, Sweetie Pie, Kitty Two).
what's up?

Gracie is:
  • Super quiet. When she actually speaks, it comes out as more of a peep than a meow. It's really cute actually.
  • Only cries when hungry or when Mommy and Daddy finally get home.
  • A total Diva and Alpha Cat. Don't ask me how it is that the female, younger kitty is now running the household.
  • Knows she's cute and definitely tries to use it to her advantage.
  • Always affectionate.
  • Very good at turning on the charm when we're in the kitchen because she thinks she is going to get some scraps or leftovers ( hooman food fer yoo).
  • Can jump onto counter tops (bad kitty!)
  • Resists the laser pointer for a few minutes before she decides to start chasing it because she can't help herself.
  • Cannot always aim into the litter box. Sometimes forgets to cover her mess.
  • Can only be held for less than 60 seconds before getting squirmy.
  • Inhales her food at every meal.
  • Growls when I don't let her eat Nicky's food. Actually, she basically growls when she doesn't get her way.
  • Very regular. I honestly don't think she can become constipated, even if she tries.
  • Willing to put anything in her mouth if she thinks it's food, like buttons or bobby pins.
  • A total thinker. Very rarely acts on impulse. She first figures out whether it is in her best interest to play/chase/pounce before doing so.

So yeah, if you have a kitty and you're contemplating getting another one, I highly recommend it. It's so much more fun with two!

mommy tastes good

someone's not impressed

treats please

*DISCLAIMER: Ok, so our kitties aren't really smelly. They actually get regular baths and wipe downs with cleaning cloths. They just tend to look for some love and attention immediately after using the litter box. And let's just say, they don't smell so fresh when they're fresh from the litter box.

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Capitol Hill 20210 said...

They are so freaking cute. I am going to miss mine for the next 30 days - I am just thankful I have a great petsitter.