Thursday, July 17, 2008

wtf. i've just been offended by elizabeth dole

This is not today's scheduled blog post, but an activist friend alerted me to this news and I just had to share my feelings so I can get some work done today.

Jesse Helms. Remember him? You probably heard that he died on the 4th of July (how inappropriate). Anyways, here are some of his career highlights:

He vehemently opposed the racial desegregation of schools.

He vehemently opposed the Civil Rights Act

He vehemently opposed the Voting Rights Act

And he spearheaded a two week filibuster to keep the nation from honoring civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. with a holiday.

Not only did he not care for the rights of African Americans, he wasn't a fan of the gays and he was all about the government controlling American uteruses (uteri?).

So, now that this American legend has passed on to the hell that is sure to await him (Karma's quite the bitch I hear), Elizabeth Dole attempted to amend* the Senate Global AIDS bill in order to name it after Jesse Helms.

Are you effing kidding me? As an AIDS activist, I am insulted beyond belief. This man attempted to block the passage of the Ryan White CARE Act for crying out loud!!!

Libby Dole, if you want to honor a man who doesn't deserve it, go amend some anti-gay marriage bill or something. Leave the AIDS bill alone.

*Dole's amendment failed, as it should have.


Capitol Hill 20210 said...

Wow - yeah Jesse Helms was a bad name to the Republican party --

I am disappointed in Mrs. Dole - that just isn't cool.

Gilahi said...

DEsegregation. He vehemently opposed racial DEsegregation of schools.

lizzie said...

CH 20210--yes, 'not cool' is putting it lightly.

gilahi--thank you. i was angry when i wrote the post and it took me a minute to write it and didn't look it over. i'll correct that.

Gilahi said...

When I was living in NC, I did some volunteer work for Mothers Against Jesse In Congress (MAJIC). I wasn't aware when I volunteered, but it turned out that they were mothers of gay folks who were vehemently anti-Jesse. Although I didn't fit their "normal" profile in either gender or orientation, they were happy to have me doing computer work for them and I was glad to do it. He got re-elected anyway.