Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain selects poor man's Hillary as running mate

You know, the last thing I wanted to do was post something remotely negative right before a nice long weekend (and the day before a USC game too), but this is what McCain drives me to do. 

As a real feminist, I am offended by McCain's choice.  Sarah Palin is definitely not qualified to be VP, let alone President in the event that something happens to McCain should he be elected.  And considering all the brouhaha from McCain's camp about how 'inexperienced' Obama is, I am shocked that McCain would select Palin as his running mate considering these qualifications:

  • She's 44 (age ain't nothing but a number)
  • She was mayor of an Alaskan town with a population of about 800
  • She has been Alaska's governor for less than two years.
  • She was runner up in the Miss Alaska pageant.  However, she did win Miss Congeniality (no joke, kids).
  • She has 5 kids, one of which is 17 and pregnant.
  • She doesn't think the polar bears are in any danger of extinction.
  • She favors drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Her husband works for the oil industry.
  • She's being investigated for possible abuse of power (damn, she hasn't even been in office that long!).
  • She's staunchly pro-life and her claim to fame is making a big deal over not aborting her youngest son who has Down Syndrome.
At this point, Mike Huckabee is more qualified to be VP and you all know how much I hate him. 

I can't help but thinking that McCain's decision is based on one thing only.  No, not Palin's beauty pageant good looks.  No, not her affinity for skirt suits (which the pundits at Faux Fox News appreciate).

Obviously she was picked because she has a vagina.

And McCain presumes that this means all those PUMAs and other bitter Hillary supporters will flock to him.

Well, guess what.  This feminist, who actually prefers the government not telling me what to do with my body and wouldn't mind an equal wage and equal treatment, will not be voting for Palin's vagina just to put McCain's ass in the White House. 

I expect other true feminists to do the same.  In the words of another true feminist: No way, no how, no McCain.


media concepts said...

I have to agree. I find the choice puzzling and a net minus for McCain. As you pointed out, he chose his running mate purely for political reasons as opposed to readiness. That's pretty scary for a guy who, if elected, would be the oldest person ever to become President. That means that his choice of Vice President is that much more important, since the VP would be the shortest heartbeat ever from needing to step in as President.

Plus, how insulting must it be to women voters that McCain thinks a woman who is anti-choice, anti universal health care, and anti everything else that Hillary Clinton boldly stood for would somehow instantly earn the respect and votes of Clinton voters simply because they are both female. If that isn't sexism, I don't know what is.

McCain has demonstrated by his first presidential decision that his temperament is less sound than even I had thought. I'm worried that he's actually nuts.

King of New York Hacks said...

Why wont anyone vote for me because I have a penis ....really I do !!!, Hell I,m throwing my hat in the ring !! Vote for The King of New York Hacks Penis....and himself , of course. ;-0

Anonymous said...

Anyone who hasn't read Margaret Atwood's 'The Handmaid's Tale' should. Really, really should. Written in 1985 about a future America that seemed with the passage of time more and more the science fiction it was written as... Now it suddenly has relevance again, albeit in an updated form.

If McCain/Palin win then women will have legally given over their bodies to the state.

Zipcode said...

running out of this post.........

love ya though

instatick said...

I could not agree more. And while I hate to say this, and while it might be a little mean, I've got to say that proof that abstinence only programs don't work is Sarah Palin's daughter.

Obama all the way!

zipcode said...

I have to chime in on instatick - I am sorry you can raise your kids the best way you can and hope for the best. How her daughter chooses to do what she did is her business. It is what it is.

anOCgirl said...

media concepts: i agree with all that you said. picking palin shows a seriously lack of judgment, considering all that has come out about her that apparently didn't come out in the vetting process (leading many to think she wasn't properly vetted)

King of NYH: bush has a penis and he was a horrible leader. i'm sure you'd be great tho, but i'll still vote obama. :)

anon: many of my friends who work in reproductive health have urged me to read atwood's book but honestly it scares me. now that it might actually become a reality, i might have to read that book.

zip: luv ya too.

instatick and zip2: actually, bristol palin's pregnancy is totally up for discussion. yes, it's a personal choice and good for her and all, but palin is against sex education in school (yes, against it ALL TOGETHER) and against choice so her daughter's pregnancy and decision to get married is great for her. at least bristol has a choice. sarah palin wants to take that choice from us.