Monday, September 15, 2008

college football recap: USC burst the big ten bubble and 'sean glennon who?'

Before I write about last week's Game of the Century (copyright ESPN), there was plenty of other excellent college football going on.

  • I didn't watch this game because frankly, I'm still bitter about the officiating in last week's BYU/Udub game, but I am seriously regretting it now. Just like the media is all about spin and exaggeration right now in politics, so it is with sports. After UCLA managed to earn a W against Tennessee at home two weeks ago, the media heralded the win as the beginning of a new era in UCLA football. Neuheisel is Coach of the Year. Norm Chow is a genius and can make any mediocre quarterback a Heisman contender. Blah, blah, blah. And then reality set it. Reality AKA the Cougars of BYU gave the Bruins their worst beating ever, winning 59 - 0 (actually, that would be their second worst beating; the worst being a 76 - 0 shellacking by the Trojans, of course). I noticed that ESPN barely covered this game during it's evening recap on Saturday. So much for UCLA's comeback year.
  • Continuing the worst weekend in the PAC-10 trend, Cal visited Maryland and the same team who lost to Middle Tennessee State last week dominated the Golden Bears for most of the game. The only reason why the score of 35 - 27 even looks remotely respectable is because Cal mounted a comeback that simply wasn't enough. Still, the Terps embarrassed the Bears, who I kinda expected to challenge USC this season. After Saturday, I'm thinking, not so much.
  • Speaking of worst performances, did anyone see the Auburn/Mississippi State game? Good lord was it awful. I didn't see it, but any game with a final score of 3 - 2 can be summed up with a 15 second highlight clip on SportsCenter. And seriously, Auburn only scored a field goal against Miss. State? And they are still ranked in the top 10? Yet Georgia travels to South Carolina and still wins but they get bumped down to 3rd? I don't get it. The polls are all sorts of whacky this season.
  • One of the best games so far this season happened Friday night between Kansas and South Florida. First the Jayhawks were killing them. Then the Bulls came back. Then Kansas mounted a last minute comeback in the 4th to tie. And then the Bulls win on a last minute field goal. That game was as good as college football gets, folks. So much heart and effort AND a last minute field goal to seal it? Sweet!
  • Virginia Tech hosted the GA Tech Yellow Jackets this weekend and I've been having a bad feeling about this season for the Hokies. The offensive line is young and not as good as I hoped. And well, Sean Glennon has seen some playing time (which can never be a good thing). I kinda wanted to see him in action myself this weekend as Jesse and I were down in Blacksburg, but, alas, it wasn't meant to be. Glennon received zero playing time (as it should be) and Tyrod Taylor led the young Hokies to a close victory over Georgia Tech, 20 - 17. Georgia Tech actually committed some penalties down the stretch that seriously hurt their comeback attempts and fortunately, the Hokie defense was strong enough to hold on for the win in the final minutes. I really liked what I saw in Taylor on Saturday. He's quick, agile, and a running QB (unlike some other former starters who don't know how to throw the ball away if a sack is imminent). And with a developing O-Line, this is exactly what the Hokies need to lead their offense.
  • I'm not sure if you heard, but the most overhyped, over-talked-about Game of the Century (ESPN copyright) was played this weekend between the Big Ten 'powerhouse' of Ohio State and the nation's #1 team the USC Trojans. I predicted a victory for my Trojans because, well, the Big Ten sucks and is overrated. And Ohio State can't seem to bring it on the big stage. And could the Coliseum on a Saturday night on National TV have been a bigger stage (that's not a BCS game)? Nope. Ohio State was simply over matched on every level and USC showed why it is ranked #1 as Mark Sanchez threw for 4 TDs in a 35 - 3 rout. Ohio State allegedly has the best defense in the country, but when you're playing the likes of Ohio and Youngstown State on your schedule, of course you're going to put up some great defensive figures. But USC isn't Youngstown State, folks, and perhaps OSU would like to start scheduling some talented teams in order to be able to make it in the big leagues.
  • Oh yeah, and star Buckeye, Beanie Wells didn't play. Anyone who wants to argue that he would've made a difference in the game had he played is welcome to explain to me how Wells would've scored 32 points in one game against the USC defense.  Go on.  I'm anxiously waiting.

And finally, a request to the sports media. I'm a diehard Trojan and proud USC alum. And even I was a little sick of hearing about how great we are this weekend. Sure, I get excited whenever I see us on TV. But after a while this weekend, I was almost tempted to change the channel. After all the hype surrounding the Game of the Century, let's give the USC talk a rest until our next game, ok? That's 1.5 weeks from now. Not too much to ask, is it?

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Lexiloo said...

I am not a football fan in the least, I know nothing....but, this weekend I watched half of the Iowa/Iowa State game...bc the boyfriend went to we went to Crystal City sports bar to watch with the other crazy fans!

Yeah, ISU lost...ooops! One of the Iowa players (maybe a QB? I don't know!) had this 80-yard running touchdown...nobody was even close to him! Insane...

That's all I can say about college football, probably for the entire season :)