Friday, October 24, 2008

fun, frisky felines: BARACK WINS! BARACK WINS!

I know the headline is a little premature (knock on wood) what with the election still 11 days away but today is Friday which means it’s time for Fun, Frisky Felines. And besides October 18th being the celebration of the anniversary of my birth, this year it also marked the start of the Cat Fanciers’ Association (which I hope to be a member some day) Cat Show in NYC. And considering the election this year, they decided to get political.

They held a contest between ObamaCat and McCainCat. Here’s ObamaCat:

Image courtesy of Reuters
And here’s McCainCat:
Image courtesy of Reuters
McCainCat is looking a little grumpy.
And ObamaCat won with an overwhelming 65% of the vote! Now, I’m not sure who voted, but if the voters were the cats at the show, then I’ve got to give them some credit for their intelligent votes.  If not, well then CRAZY CAT LADIES FOR OBAMA!!! 

Anyhoo, who would’ve guessed that I have my own ObamaCat:
kitty's big eyes

Don’t they look strikingly similar? Although Nicky is not an entirely black cat. He does have some tiny white patches on his chest and belly.

And here is the overall winner of the Cat Show.
Image courtesy of Reuters
Contestants are judged on looks and agility.

Personally, I think my Russian Blue is way cuter than the winner.
in sink gracie

Except she clearly would’ve lost out on the agility points seeing as that sleeping is her favorite pastime.
gracie's many sleeping positions

And lastly, you know how they say pets often look like their owners? Well, I know I don’t look anything like my two furbabies, but this lady certainly looks like her cat.


zipcode said...

mccain cat looks like nermal hahahaha awwwwww


have you seen the latest polls?

Spagh Cat is making some leadway haha

amber alert said...

some of these cats fur looks so fake!

anOCgirl said...

zip: i don't think spaghetti cat was on the ballot. :(

amber: yea...they're not regular cats tho. they are super cat-show cats. the ones that are waited on and spoiled and only eat caviar and stuff.