Wednesday, October 1, 2008

palin: open mouth, insert foot, endorse obama

One day, I'm going to stop blogging about VP nominee Sarah Palin. But as long as she continues to appear on TV saying stupid things I am going to be more than happy to point them out.

Last night in the latest installment of Couric's month-long interview with Palin (seriously, will Katie ever stop talking to her?), Palin said this regarding Dem VP Nominee Sen. Joe Biden:

I’ve never met him before, but I’ve been hearing about his Senate speeches since I was in, like, second grade.
Joe Biden is 65. John McCain is 72. I'm assuming she's been hearing McCain's speeches since she was in her mother's womb.

Here is Katie Couric calling Palin out on that comment:
You have a 72-year-old running mate, is that kind of a risky thing to say, insinuating that Joe Biden's been around awhile?

And Palin's response:
Oh no, it's nothing negative at all. He's got a lot of experience and just stating the fact there, that we've been hearing his speeches for all these years. So he's got a tremendous amount of experience and, you know, I'm the new energy, the new face, the new ideas and he's got the experience based on many many years in the Senate and voters are gonna have a choice there of what it is that they want in these next four years.

So basically, voters want new energy, a new face, and new ideas? Voters don't want all of that experience, all of those years in the Senate, and being a part of the Washington establishment crap.

Gosh, darn it. Sounds to me like she just described Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

DOH! She is not so smart. I think Tina Fey should debate Biden - she'll do a better job than Palin will.

anOCgirl said...

huh. that's the best idea i've heard. tina fey would probably be a much better VP too.

Zipcode said...

This is why I am neither voting Democrat or Republican now - I joined the Catnip Party hahaha
seriously though - I am voting third party now.