Friday, November 7, 2008

fun, frisky felines: gracie takes over!!! gracie takes over!!!

Hello "blog peeps"! I don't know what that is, but I know my mommy calls you that all the time. In fact, here I am trying to keep mommy from talking to you:
mommy, stop playin' with this thing and play with me
Anyways, my name is Gracie--in case you didn't recognize my cute face from the picture--and I am the head kitty in charge! I'm taking over this thing called a blog because I have a very important message.

Ever since this Obama person became the boss of the world, my mommy and daddy have been much happier. In fact, I think they get mad at me less when I cause trouble. So, I like this Obama person. Happy mommy and daddy = less timeouts for me.

I hear this Obama person is giving his babies a doggie. A DOGGIE? Oh please. Doggies drool. Kitties rule. Everyone knows this. This Obama person needs to give his babies a kitty.

There are so many kitties that need a home. A long time ago, I was a kitty that needed a home. But then this rescue took me from the jail I was in and this nice lady became my kinda-mommy. She was really nice and, even though there were other kitties there, I could tell I was her favorite because I was the best. She let me eat on the kitchen table with her (my mommy and daddy don't let me do that now)! And then one day, I met mommy and she and daddy came to pick me up from this fun place called PetMac (I don't know what it is, but whenever mommy goes there, she always comes back with cool stuff like treats and toys...except for that witch costume I didn't like).
gracie the witch
Excuse me, this costume is hiding my cuteness.

And now I have a home. It's not so bad really. There's another kitty here. He's alright, I guess. His name is Nicky and he's a little wussy sometimes, but he's fun to play with. Oh and I like to eat the food in his bowl. I'm not sure why mommy and daddy don't put all the food in my bowl since that's where it belongs. Nicky doesn't need to eat. He's a little chunky. See what I mean?
this angle doesn't work for me

Anyways, so Obama person, please adopt kitties, at least two. The good thing about Nicky is that he's nice to have around. I don't like to be lonely.

Ok, now I need one of you "blog peeps" to tell this Obama person for me, ok?

I hafta go. I see Nicky and he's busy looking outta the window. I gotta go pounce on him now and freak him out.  Hehe
Purrs and eskimo kisses,
Princess Gracie
aka Cutest Kitty in the World
aka The Diva


Zipcode said...

cutest post ever..................

instatick said...

This was insanely cute. I love it!