Friday, December 12, 2008

fun, frisky felines: early holiday i can haz cheeseburger edition

Every year, I send out holiday/Xmas cards to my nearest and dearest friends and family. Since Jesse and I have been together, we've created our own photo cards featuring a lovely picture of Jesse and me and a personal note.

Our family grew this year, so this year's card just had to include a family portrait. But it was difficult to sit down with two crazy kitties and hold them long enough for a photo. Because they are so darn frisky and fidgety, I had to do solo shots of the kitties in their holiday gear.

The result was some of the funniest pics I've ever taken of my fur babies.

I've LOL'd some of them for my blogging pleasure.

First, I got both kitties into their Santa costumes, separately of course.
LOL mean gracie

Nicky was especially squirmy as St. Nick so he had to be held down for a photo.  That's my arm on the left.
LOL mean st. nick
OMG, that's the meanest I've ever seen him!  He was so upset with me!

The Santa costumes weren't cutting it, so I had to remove the beards. The kitties calmed down somewhat.
LOL hat gracie

This photo of Nicky ended up on the card.
LOL st nick
He's really not shocked or scared. That's just how he looks most of the time.

The entire holiday photo collection can be seen here.  If you love, you can LOL them yourself here.

Just looking at my babies in their holiday best has totally put me in the mood for Christmas!


Generation Next said...

OMG I am laughing so hard at these. LOVE.

instatick said...

I LOVE THIS! Nicky looks SO evil with the beard on and it's HILARIOUS!

michelle said...

haha. very cute.

Zipcode said...

I am so looking forward to babysitting them for a whole week. Aunt Zip is going to spoil them to death!

Susan said...

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