Friday, January 23, 2009

fun, frisky felines: the alarm clock cat and how *not* to deal with it

Every kitty parent knows that cats love routines. If they have a schedule, they stick to it.

For example, the kitties get breakfast whenever I wake up. Usually this is at 6 a.m. On weekends, I prefer for b-fast time to be later so I can get some extra shut-eye time but this rarely happens.

And then Monday through Friday, Jesse and I get ready to go to work and right before we do, Nicky likes to yell at us for leaving him (alone with Gracie, the Diva).

And then, Monday through Friday, whoever gets home first feeds the kitties dinner and right before bedtime, the kitties get lots of playtime with mommy (i.e. Me).

The only bad part of this schedule for me is breakfast because I'm not allowed to hit snooze when the alarm goes off.

Why? Because I can't ever get my other alarm clock to snooze--Nicky.

Nicky LOVES to get me up in the morning. At first, I thought it was incredibly endearing. After all, he really did wake me up in the sweetest way (kisses...all over my face...nothing like a sandpaper-y tongue going over your eyelid first thing in the morning).

But now that he's older and the kissing novelty has worn off a bit and I'm a little more reluctant to get up, he's resorting to other, not-so-cute tactics for waking me up.

Like biting my toes. Or using my leg as a scratching post. Or (my fave) biting my booty.

And then I finally wake up and I want to get mad at him, I really do. But then I look at his little face and see his bright, big eyes and he looks so cute and cuddly that I CAN'T get mad at him.
see?  he's so goofy and adorable!

The whole waking up process is explained nicely in this cartoon:

So what's the solution? "Kick 'em out and shut the door" you say? Well...

Jesse's done that already. And the result was...(well, see for yourself):

Seriously, it's either this or BOTH kitties throwing themselves against the door, trying to bust it open like COPS.

Honestly, it's all a bit silly how we're letting the cats completely rule. Then again, it's their world...we're just living in it.


Generation Next said...

OMG yes! The cat videos. I'd seen the bed one, but not the door. They're all SO TRUE. Mine does that but with more meowing and scratching. I especially like how the cat won't even come through the door right away once he opens it.

Beth Barnett Boebel said...

Well my cat-loving friend, Simon is the same way but we needed the sleep more than cute doe-eyes. So we had to institute some new tactics. First one, was putting a large picture or plexiglass (so it blends into the wall when not in use) to cover the bedroom door. I know that their vocal cords will not be masked by this barrier and that is where the automatic feeder comes in. I tell ya, since the double method has been in place we actually sleep until 9 or 10 on the weekends if we so desire :) Plus, the guilt factor of having to work late or go out after work is completely eliminated knowing the auto feeder has fed the fur-ball.