Friday, February 27, 2009

fun, frisky felines: oh how i miss my little angels!

As stated in an earlier post, things have been a little rough lately. I've been coming home late from work and I have such little energy that I haven't had time to play with my furbabies. I basically get home, pet the kitties for a bit, eat dinner and then go to sleep. A month ago, before the sh*t hit the fan of my life, I would come home from work and play with the kitties, eat dinner, play with the kitties even more and then go to sleep, usually with Nicky by my side.

Well, I'm happy to announce that I finished both of my reports yesterday and I think I found my new staff person after doing a bunch of interviews this week! Yay! As a reward to myself, I'll be leaving work early today to play with my angels (by the way, when I informed my staff about my short Friday, their reponse was, "You've been looking really tired").

Before the month from hell, I had lots of play time with the kitties, which gave me the opportunity for some really great photos.

Here's Nicky (and his trademark caught-in-the-headlights look) with his Wubba (it's a soft toy with catnip inside)
nicky and his wubba

Here's Gracie, clearly exhausted from a little play time, laying on Jesse's shirt (the kitties like to sleep on things that smell like us)
gracie's pillow

At this point, Nicky comes over and wants to sleep on Jesse's shirt too.
more nicky and gracie keeping warm
As you can see, Gracie is not too please with Nicky's presence.

Eventually, she realizes that Nicky will keep her extra warm so she's ok with sharing with him
kitty friends
Aren't they cute??

Have a wonderful, stress-free weekend, peeps!

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