Friday, March 13, 2009

fun, frisky felines: who is this cat & what has she done with the real gracie?

Gracie is our little diva kitty, which means that she is aloof almost all the time and expects us to cater to her every desire. She only likes to be petted when she wants to be. If you pet her when she's not in the mood, she looks at you like "I hate you so much right now that I plan to kill you in your sleep." She doesn't kill us because who else would make sure she has food in her bowl or feed her treats nearly daily?

Our only purpose in Gracie's life thus far is to feed her and clean the litter box. It's fine with Jesse and me because we have Nicky. Nicky, aka The Most Perfect Kitty Ever, is an excellent balance to Gracie's aloofness since Nicky always likes to be in our business.

Except lately Gracie's been different. I'm not sure what it is to tell you the truth. She's approaching her one year anniversary with us and maybe she's finally starting to treat us like family? I don't know.

Gracie's MO has been to only be nice to us when she wants something. Lately, Gracie has been nice to us nearly all the time.

When I come home, she makes a big to-do about my presence. She greets me at the door. Then she follows me to the bedroom and just sits on the bed and waits for me to pet her and give her eskimo kisses.
gracie waits for mommy in the bedroom

And then I go to the bathroom to freshen up after a long day.
gracie waits for mommy in the sink
(by the way, ACT is an excellent mouthwash)

Sometimes, I do additional things in the bathroom (often involving the toilet) and Gracie still waits.
gracie keeps waiting for mommy

I then feed her and one would expect her to stop being so clingy after that. But no. Soon after she eats, she comes over and wraps herself around my legs and starts to purr (she is not the purring type). It's almost as if she's thanking me for feeding her.

And despite having fed her (basically giving her what she wants), she still wants to be around me. WTH. That is so not like her. She naps when her belly is full. Instead of napping, last night she watched me work out on the Wii.
gracie waits for mommy to finish workout

I'm a little weirded out by the fact that she is so sweet and affectionate now. But she's always been a strange kitty, I guess.

For all I know, she may be trying to lower our defenses in her plot to kill us all in our sleep.


Zipcode said...

Nah - she is warming up -- it took Nermal a good two years. Plus Gracie and I had a chat when I babysat her -- she licked my nose and we have been buddies ever since.

Plus, Nermal calls her on their secret gray kitty phone.

Generation Next said...

I love that someone has a cat named Nermal!

That is strange that she's suddenly so friendly. Hopefully it is a good, permanent change? My cat is superloving, but runs around and is weird like a crazycat a lot, so nothing cat-like surprises me, really.