Thursday, March 26, 2009

usc achieves dream school status

The Princeton Review (you know, that beacon of college admissions guidance and the publication that tells us where the best party schools are) took a survey of prospective college students earlier this year and asked them and their parents a bunch of questions. The results were released yesterday.  The College Hopes and Worries survey revealed the student and parent perspective of the college admissions process. But the only question that most interested me was:

What "dream" college do you wish you (your child) could attend if acceptance and/or cost were not issues?

And the survey results are:
Students                                                        Parents
1 Stanford University                                     Harvard College
2 Harvard College                                         Stanford University
3 Columbia University                                   Princeton University
4 Princeton University                                   Notre Dame
5 New York University                                  Yale University
6 Yale University                                          New York University
7 UCLA                                                        UCLA
8 MIT                                                           Duke University
9 University of Southern California                 USC
10  University of California - Berkeley             MIT

Yay! USC is now considered a dream school! And Notre Lame didn't even make the top 10 on the students list!

How odd.  Apparently, I'm having trouble reading line 7.

Oh well. It can't be that important.

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Lexiloo said...

I vote Cornell. I wanted to go there in the worst way!