Friday, April 24, 2009

fun, frisky felines: hello? interwebz? iz me, GRACIE!

Hello people out there!

It iz I, Princess Gracie! My mommy hooman has left dis thing with all the buttons to play with. Hmmm...I thought it wuz for sleeping, though? Oh wellz...

My mommy hooman tells me that Iz been in teh family for a year now and she iz very happy about that. I don't know what a year iz or why it iz important. She told me during breakfast that we are celebrating by going to teh V-E-T. What iz this V-E-T? Oh wellz...

Has mommy hooman told you how cute i iz? Iz very cute. Here, see for yourself.

I iz sleeping here.

I iz sleeping here too

I iz not sleeping here. But I iz sleepy.

Dis iz my favorite sleeping place.

I iz trying to eat mommy hooman here.

I iz here, smelling catnip for first time. Iz good quality catnip.

Here I iz with my friend Bobby. He iz much better than Nicky kitteh, Bobby letz me bite him and kick him.

Ok, so nowz you know how cute I iz.

I iz going to take nap nao.

1 comment:

Zipcode said...

awww this is so freaking cute. Princess Gracie is my buddy and she loves to kiss her Auntie Zipcode.