Friday, April 3, 2009

fun, frisky felines: post-surgery, nicky is now even more fun and frisky

I don't know how this is even possible, but Nicky is SO much more frisky and affectionate post-surgery than pre-op. The thing is that he is already the type of kitty that craves attention, yells at you when you're not giving it to him, and climbs on top of you to force you to pet him. He's clingier now than he's ever been in the 15 months we've had him.

Granted, this is all a good sign since the vet had told us that he would probably hide from us for a day or two after surgery. Instead, Nicky's been Happy Kitty since Tuesday evening. Last night, his antics were particularly amusing.

There was the usual vigorous scratching post scratching.

And then, after a short break...

Nicky went postal on a string.

Gracie watched the craziness from a safe distance.

When I got close to access the kitty treats, Nicky dropped the string and decided to attack me (or rather, my pant leg).

Once he realized that I was going for the treats, Nicky jumped up to the top of the book shelf to get in my way

He snatched the treats from my fingers just as soon as I took 'em out of the bag.

I soon moved to the couch to give me some time to get treats for Gracie. Alas, Nicky followed me to make sure none of the treats went to her.
(the bald spot on his leg is from the surgery prep)

Poor little treat-less Gracie.

Nicky then proceeded to jump all over me in an effort to get treats. After a few seconds, I had had enough of his craziness. I sealed the bag and gave Nicky one last treat.

And when he finished eating it, he proceeded to lick my hand to get all the crumb-y treat remains



No, the friskiness didn't stop there. He ended up waking me up at 5 a.m. this morning to play. I'm sure he'll calm down once he reailzes he won't be going to that place where all the bad things happen (the vet's office) for a while.

He is gonna calm down, right?


Zipcode said...

he is feeling better and has no more pain.....welcome to the fun hehe

instatick said...

Those pictures of him licking your fingers are ADORABLE! What a cute kitty he is!

Glad to know he's doing better than ever after his surgery!