Tuesday, May 5, 2009

today is NOT mexican independence day, but go ahead and drink anyway

Today, Mexicans (well just the ones in Puebla) commemorate the Mexican army's unlikely defeat of French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.  People outside of Puebla will be using this 'holiday' as a reason to drink tequila and coronas (personally, I don't need a reason as these are my liquid vices of choice).  

I will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo by going to see my shrink, which is definitely needed after...well, you know.  

Two weeks ago, when we confirmed this visit, Dr. D asked me if May 5th would be a good day to meet.  

Me: Sure.  At least I won't forget the appointment.  It's Cinco de Mayo.

Dr. D: Oh yeah.  Do you want to schedule the appointment for a different day?

Me:  Um.  No.  Why do you ask?

Dr. D: Don't you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Me: No, I don't really celebrate it.  

Dr D: Really?  But it's Mexican Independence Day!

Me: Actually, it's not.  September 16th is Mexican Independence Day. 

So eat (nachos), drink (margaritas) and be merry (by dancing to mariachi music), peeps.  I like to think of today as the one day when my culture is universally appreciated and celebrated.  

Even if it's under the guise of a Mexican holiday.  


Bilbo said...

Somehow "Cinco de Mayo" just seems easier to remember than "16th of September," or the Spanish equivalent (I know what it is in German, but that really doesn't help much here). Happy Mexican Independence Day, since I will surely not remember this by September...

Zipcode said...

I love Mexican holidays - BEST FOOD EVER!!!!!

using my old name to comment for the time being love.

John Maszka said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!