Tuesday, July 21, 2009

to croc or not to croc? that is the question

A few weeks ago, my sister invited me to go to Hawaii with her and mom. A family trip of sorts. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii but haven't had the chance or the funds to go. But my sister got a really great resort package deal that included the flight from Cali and, honestly, I HAD to say yes! How could I say no to a trip to Hawaii that actually factored into my budget?

Since we booked everything, I've been preparing for the trip. Big welcome at the airport with leis? Check. Multiple swimsuits? Check. Cute cover-ups? Check. Flip flops for the beach? Check. Cute dresses for going out? Check. Cute sandals for going out? Check. Comfy shoes for the hike to the top of Diamond Head? Uhhh...


For those of you who aren't familiar, Diamond Head is one of the volcanos in Hawaii. Apparently, when you get to the top, you get a breathtaking view of the island. Here's a breathtaking view of Diamond Head from the Pacific.

Source: wikipedia.org

The Diamond Head Trail is just under 2 miles long one way. From what I read, the trail can be steep at times and even unpaved. Moreover, according to a hiking enthusiast friend of mine, volcanic rock can be unsteady and sharp. This probably means that I can't walk this trail with plan ol' flip flops.

Naturally, this gives me the perfect excuse to buy some shoes. My sister suggested that I just buy some Tevas, but I know that if I do buy them, I will never wear them again after the trip. I'm not a Teva kind of girl. I want a shoe that is incredibly comfortable but has some traction.

This leaves me with two options: sneakers or Crocs. And because I hate socks with a passion, especially because I will be on holiday at a tropical locale, I'm actually leaning towards the Crocs.

I know. The horror. Trust, I know Crocs are ugly. In fact, under any other circumstances, I would not consider buying any. But I read some shoe reviews on Amazon and Endless and someone said that they specifically bought Crocs to go to Hawaii and they wore them to hike Diamond Head and that they were perfect.

So blog peeps, I have a request. Please save me from buying Crocs. There's gotta be a cute shoe out there that's super comfy and not ugly and with enough traction to go on walks in the wilderness. Perhaps some of you have gone to Diamond Head and can advise me on what to wear on my feet.

Any feedback is appreciated. Even if it's just "I hate Crocs."


Æsop said...

Great that you "get it." Crocs are evil.

Keens, too.

Try the Jack Purcell slip ons from Nordstrom's or Zappos, with or without laces.

Fight On!

- Æ

Malnurtured Snay said...

I don't get people's hatred of Crocs. Like, not at all.

Anyway. I've never been to Hawaii -- my sister lived there for two years just out of college, and hated it. Nice place to visit, not so nice to live. My parents went out quite a bit, and laugh at their favorite story: "We went to a clothing store for some authentic Hawaiian shirts and were told the best authentic Hawaiian shirts were at Wal Mart."

Lexilooo said...

I agree with your sister on the tevas, actually! I had borrowed a pair from a friend once, and loved them so much that I bought a pair for myself. I used them a lot more often then I thought I would too!

Have fun on the trip! I am jealous, I've never been :)

Jilian said...

Ugh crocs. I have some 'fakies' I wear ONLY for gardening - they slip on and wash off easily. That's about all they are good for. I can't *imagine* someone would suggest them for hiking - is there any support in them? I cringe when I see kids running in them!

I recently faced the same question when trying to find comfy cute 'cool' (think temperature cool) shoes for treking around Thailand.

My suggestion.... Keen Whisper

Honestly I've not 'loved' this tennis shoe/sandals look - but everyone raves about how comfy they are. I figured I'd give them a shot since 'function' wise they were just what I need. The 'whisper' is new this year and the skinnier strapes REALLY do make them look more feminine. I can even pull them off with a skirt! I ended up with the pale green color.

The grip/soles are great. All the straps keep my 'wide' feet nicely secured. The straps allow air to flow and keep my feet cool. Getting wet is no problem! They are Keen - you can walk in them ALL DAY LONG and your feet will still love you :)

Have a great trip!

michelle said...

please..... no crocs!!!!!!

maybe something from merrell??


Zipcode said...

what about sketchers, i have slip ons that i dont need socks with

anOCgirl said...

aesop: these are the only crocs i would consider buying: http://www.amazon.com/crocs-Collegiate-Beach-Cranberry-Yellow/dp/B0019RJK7M/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

but even my love for all things USC isn't enough for me to put them in my shopping cart and proceed to check out!

i do like jack purcells and converse so i think i'll go check those out. hadn't even thought of that. thanks!

mal snay: i don't know...'hate' is such a strong word. i'll reserve that for the likes of rush and buchanan.

i just find crocs to be an unattractive shoe. they do look so cute on toddlers though.

did your parents ever go to the hilo hattie store? lots of authentic hawaiian stuff there (there's one in the OC). there's got to be a hilo hattie store on the islands.

lexiloo: i'll give the tevas a second glance. maybe if i actually try them on, i might change my mind. thanks!

jilian: this is the first i've heard of keen. do they sell 'em in department stores? REI? i'd like to see them on my feet.

michelle: omg! just went to the site and they are donating $10 for every $100 purchase to national parks! i might be leaning towards these...

zipcode: my sis is a big fan of sketchers actually. i'm sure she'll bring her slip ons for the trip.

instatick said...

JUST SAY NO to Crocs! :)

Although, most "hiking" sandals are ugly anyway, so this is really a no-win situation. I would go try on a bunch of different shoes and see what you like the best.