Thursday, July 23, 2009

unsent: open letters for everyone!

Dearest love of my life,

My my my!  You've become quite the little political pundit.  I love how you remind me when Keith Olbermann is on (bless his little angry liberal heart).  Moreover, you enjoy Rachel Maddow as much as I do.  I know that when I met you, politics really wasn't your 'thing'.  Yet, here you are, five years later, right there beside me, getting mad at Sarah Palin and Michael Steele.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Your Lizzie Poo


Hey Demi Lovato,

Darn you for making catchy music.  Although I've never seen your movies or tv show on the Disney Channel, I'm sure you are way better than Miley!  Keep up the good work!

Say hi to Selena Gomez for me!

Later, chica,
Not a Tween


Dear Daisy,

I've been watching your show Daisy of Love for some time and, well, I'm rooting for ya.  I honestly hope that you do find love, despite your show being an unconventional way of finding love (and has a track record of not being successful, see: Flavor Flav).  You're down to 12 Pack, Flex, and London.  I don't know if any of these guys are Long Term Relationship material, but you do seem to have that crazy connection with London even though he's hurt you before.  Good luck on making your decision.  I'll be watching on Sunday.

Addicted to VH1 Reality Shows


Dear Mother Nature,

Humidity sucks!  Stop that! 

With love,
Spoiled Californian Who Hates Humidity


Dear BF's family,

I really do apologize for blurting out "California should just legalize marijuana" during dinner this weekend.  By the looks of all of your faces and the long silence that ensued, I'm sure you all think I'm a pothead when the reality is that I've never done that.  Really, I swear. 

Sincerely and Honestly,
Not a Pothead


Dear Sonia Sotomayor,

No worries, chica.  You've got it.  It's just a matter of time.  Trust, those Republicans are just giving you a hard time because they have a base they need to appease.  However, I do think that Jeff Sessions is just that way all the time (psst...he's a racist who didn't get to be a judge because he uttered a racial slur).

A Proud Latina

P.S.  Thanks for taking Franken seriously.  He's new at this.


Dear President,

I realize you're busy and all with the economy and health care but you're supposed to be pro-gay and I've noticed that Don't Ask, Don't Tell is still in effect.  Weren't you supposed to stop that?  The hate crime legislation and all is good but gays and their supporters want an end to DADT.

Oh and add gay marriage to that request too.

Can you get on that?

Impatient Liberal


Dear Dominick Kitty,

I love you to bits as you know but I don't think it's a good idea for you to sleep on my chest anymore during human bedtime.  Yes, I loved it when you did that as a kitten, but you're quite the big boy now.  When you sleep on me, it's kinda hard to breathe because you're a bit heavier now.  So, can you please stop trying to kill mommy in her sleep?

Feel free to sleep right next to me or next to my head as you sometimes do. 

Kisses and cuddles,


Dear Blog Peeps who banded together to keep me from buying Crocs,

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions.  They really got the wheels turning in the ol' noggin.  I've got just under 4 weeks to look into all your recommendations and that's plenty of time.  Yes, I like to plan ahead.  Anyhoo, you all are awesome!

Thanks again!
A Lucky Blogger


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