Monday, September 14, 2009

college football recap: the collision in columbus...and ann arbor...and stillwater...and...

It's the return of the college football round up! Honestly, I was going to scratch this off the list of things to do on this blog and just tweet about the games all day on Saturday (which I still plan to do because it's fun...follow me!). But then this weekend was SO FULL OF AWESOMENESS that I just had to blog about it. Well, enough about me! The games were far more interesting...

  • The weekend got started with a close one in Atlanta where #15 Georgia Tech took on Clemson on Thursday. Georgia Tech took an early lead which was kinda reminiscent of the Battle of the Techs game a few years ago in Blacksburg which started with the Yellow Jackets scoring 4 straight TDs on my Hokies to begin the game. And then Clemson came back. Unfortunately, the Tigers comeback fell short at the end, but it was a great game. Kicker Scott Blair scored 3 field goals and had a touchdown pass! Quote of the game: "I actually don't remember catching the ball or throwing the ball too much. I guess it was dreamlike." (Blair commenting on his TD pass)
  • Once upon a time, some huge oil zillionaire decide to donate all the money he could to Oklahoma State so that they could finally win the college football mythical national championship. And then the #5 Cowboys of OSU played the Bulldogs of Georgia and they were dominating and proved that they deserve to be a contender. And then they hosted the Houston Cougars...and were completely shocked. Houston played their hearts out on the field, capitalizing on OSU turnovers and sealing the victory by converting an interception into a TD in the final 3 minutes of the game. Everyone loves an upset, but I can't help but feel bad for OSU because...well, as a USC alum, I've been there. But kudos to Houston for a game well played. Quote of the game: "For us as a program, this is a big win because it legitimizes our university. It legitimizes our program." (2nd year head coach Kevin Sumlin of Houston)
  • Early on Saturday, #14 Virginia Tech took on Marshall's Thundering Herd in a cake walk of a game. Of course, the Hokies beat Marshall 52-10, but that's not important. Last week, when the Hokies took on Alabama, the offense was seriously lacking in that game, and I don't mean points. I mean yardage, complete passes or lack thereof, running the ball, all that good stuff. On Saturday, two tailbacks proved that the Hokie offense is still alive. Freshmen David Wilson and Ryan Williams (yes, Freshman, which bodes well for the future of the offense) ran all over the place, amassing a good chunk of the Hokies 600+ yards of offense and combined for 4 TDs. Quote of the game: "I think we really needed this. I know we needed this." (VT Coach Frank Beamer after the game...Frank, what you really need is a new OC)
  • You know that few things (my kitties, the boyfriend, convincing at-risk youth to use condoms) make me happier than a Notre Dame loss. After hearing Lou Holtz proclaim at the beginning of the season that Notre Lame was going to make it to the mythical national championship (MNC), I did the usual rolling of the eyes, followed by the statement, "No effing way." Basically there are too many better teams out there that Lou Holtz likes to pretend don't exist when he makes these statements(besides USC). Anyway, at least for one day, Lou Holtz had to recognize Michigan. Coming off a 3-win season, Michigan had a lot to prove and a win against #18 Notre Lame would certainly help their cause. Both teams traded scoring opportunities for most of the game and with 5 minutes remaining, Notre Lame looked like it was going to win by a hair. Instead Michigan Freshman QB Tate Forcier began a drive that led to a Wolverine TD in the final SECONDS of the game. If you look at the stats, both the Irish and the Wolverines had similar numbers in yardage, turnovers, etc. But it was Michigan who scored last... Quote of the game: "This is a very disappointing, disheartening loss." (Notre Lame coach Charlie Weis)
  • And the award for "Over-hyped Game that Actually Lived Up to the Hype" goes to the USC/Ohio State game. On Saturday, #3 USC went to the uber-scary Horseshoe to play the Buckeyes of #8 Ohio State. Last year, my Trojans embarrassed the Buckeyes in L.A. and they were looking for revenge. Ohio State has gained a reputation for choking in big games, so they had something to prove. USC has a true Freshman starting at QB who has never played a college game outside of L.A. Matt Barkley, the aforementioned QB, was pretty lackluster for most of the game. Had the Trojan defense not been so awesome, USC would've kissed any hopes for an MNC goodbye. However, in a moment of brilliance in epic proportions, in the final minutes of the game, Barkley and Joe "No More Fumbles" McKnight led an 80+ yard drive to the endzone which culminated in a short pass to Stafon Johnson (also really awesome) for the game winning touchdown. The drive was incredible and seriously shocking because for most of the game Barkley looked nothing like the QB who ended the game. But a win is a win and USC is now 7-0 against Ohio State. Quote of the game: "We're Trojans. That's what we do. This is what we dreamed of, coming back like this." (USC QB Matt Barkley on the final drive)
Next up for the Hokies is a game against #22 Nebraska in Blacksburg. On deck for the Trojans is a game @ U-Dub.

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