Thursday, March 4, 2010

dear gay marriage opponents, love wins, b*tches!

Last night I was looking through a lot of online photo galleries with images from yesterday's big marriage equality day in DC.  I'm not ashamed to admit I was fighting back tears...and I actually let a couple escape my tear ducts. 

What love looks like:

What love doesn't look like:
Yup, the Westboro "Church" was there yesterday...all 4 of them.

This looks like a drunken mistake.

This looks like 2 D Listers trying to stay relevant.

This is Jennifer Lopez doing her best Elizabeth Taylor impression.
And their "love" couldn't overcome his fraud.

Yeah, these straight marriages sure were sacred!

I'm not really one to gloat about anything but...

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instatick said...

Yeah those picutres had me tearing up too...the happiness in the faces of people finally able to marry is just amazing!

The WBC crazies came to Richmond. 4 of them showed up at our Holocaust museum and then more than 300 counter-protests showed up to support the museum. It was an amazing thing I wish I could have been there. Richmond really stepped up to the plate in terms of dealing with hatred.