Friday, September 29, 2006

epic battle of the Techs this weekend!

Jesse and I were lucky enough to score tickets to this Saturday’s football game in Blacksburg, VA Tech vs. GA Tech. It’s #11 vs. #24. It’s Tech vs. Tech. It’s strong defense vs. explosive offense. It looks like a great matchup and I’m hoping that it will be an awesome game. If you can’t watch it in Blacksburg, I encourage you to watch it on ABC (3:30 start).

Unfortunately, this means that I will have to watch the USC/Washington State game at a Blacksburg bar, rather than with my fellow DC Trojans. I’ve really enjoyed watching the games with them and I plan on seeing future games with them after Saturday. Nothing like the Trojan family to make you feel warm fuzzies…

Peeps, have a fabulous weekend. Enjoy all of the great college football match ups. I’ll be back in the blogosphere on Monday with pics from my trip to B-burg.

Oh and…Fight on, Trojans!

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DCWeddingPhotog said...

Sorry about the tech game... and your Trojans gave everyone a scare! -MK