Monday, October 2, 2006

my manic depressive weekend

I rode an emotional rollercoaster through Sunday night. Overall, it was a good weekend. It had its ups and downs.


  • On Friday, I hung out with one of my favorite bloggers for a girls night out. I had a fabulous time with my fabulous company.
  • USC won (just barely)! More on this in the next post. MK, I appreciate the comment.
  • On Saturday, I got to hang out with all of my favorite Hokies in Blacksburg—Jesse (of course), Jeff, Star, Bart, Emily, Rusty, Donna and Zack, Beth, Bill, Kevin, and Velvet. I also got to meet Killer and his fiancee and found out that Donna and Zack got engaged (congrats…by the way, I know an excellent wedding photographer…). Good times, good times…

  • I missed the National Book Festival in DC. So sad…
  • Virginia Tech lost. It was a very sad day for Hokies everywhere as the #11-ranked football team suffered their first loss of the season against Georgia Tech. It was the epic battle of the Techs and unfortunately, the Yellow Jackets came out to play and VT didn’t show up until after GT had scored 3 touchdowns.

The orange effect just wasn’t enough to stop the Jackets, but the student section showed some solidarity.
Orange Effect

So, what’s a Hokie to do when you’re team just lost? How do you deal with the heartbreak (ok, so maybe Emily doesn’t look so sad)?
Emily and Bart

By drinking, of course!
happy hokies

Pretty soon midnight came upon us and the loss was a little easier to swallow. Still, some of us needed some comforting.
star and bart comforting each other

Meanwhile, I was pretty stoked that USC managed to hold off an upset to win against Washington State.
me and Jesse

We'll get 'em next year, Hokies.

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