Wednesday, October 11, 2006

blogging milestone

In the most quiet and unassuming way, an OC girl reached a blogging milestone. Some time yesterday afternoon, my blog received it's 10,000th visit. I suppose I could use this occasion to pat myself on the back or something like that (or perhaps thank Wonkette for linking to me on occasion). But somehow, that just doesn't feel appropriate.

Instead I thank you, my blog peeps, for supporting what I do. I want to tell you that I appreciate you for being there for me, for listening to my gripes, for letting me express my insecurities, and for keeping me sane in this extraordinary world I'm in. I want you to know that I keep you in my mind as I write my posts, hoping that you'll like what you read.

To be honest, this blog is not always easy to write. Every post really is a raw, uncensored piece of me and it's scary to put myself out there like that. But I love hearing that I'm not alone out there. There are people out there who share my thoughts and feelings (I know, cuz I've heard from you). And I hope that, in some small way, I've helped you realize that you're not alone in feeling the way you do.

Thank you, blog peeps, for keeping me going.

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