Tuesday, October 31, 2006

long live the “butterflies”

I read all of my newspapers online (WaPo, LA Times, OC Weekly) now. But back home, my mom has a subscription to the Orange County edition of the LA Times. I’m not sure if it’s still in the Times, but when I lived at home, I would search the paper for the “Love is…” cartoon.

I don't think it’s in WaPo but it’s this cute little cartoon, featuring an adorable cherubic (childlike but in a non-creepy way) couple with modern day explanations of what love is. For example, there’s this one, from 10/23/06:
And this cute one from May 8th:
I became fascinated with the cartoons when I was a kid and I noticed my mom cutting them out and posting them on the fridge. One day, I asked her, “Why are the people in those cartoons naked?” Nah, I didn’t ask her that! It’s definitely a question I’m asking myself now as I type this. Can they not love each other but be clothed too? I must’ve overlooked that detail during my childhood innocence. Instead, I asked my mom, “Why do you cut these pictures and put them on the fridge?” My mom replied, “Because when your papá was here on this earth, he used to cut them out and put them on the fridge for me. Now, I do it because it reminds me of him.”

In my head, I could picture my dad, reading the paper before leaving for the hospital at the crack of dawn. I could very easily see him, taking the time to cut out the little cartoon and posting it so my mom could see it first thing. And I could see my mom, smiling from ear to ear upon seeing the cartoon, knowing my dad was thinking of her.

I think it’s little things like these that keep the “butterflies” alive in a relationship (butterflies = that excitement/energy you feel every time you’re with the one you love). When Jesse and I first started dating, I wrote him little notes (which I hope he’s kept). As much as I reveal too much of myself in this blog sometimes, I think I want to keep the content of those notes between Jesse and me. But I can tell you that I wrote those notes so that Jesse would know how I feel. Often I find that I express myself better on paper (or screen) than I do in real life.

I haven’t written Jesse a note in a long time. This is probably because we live together now and there is no shortage of opportunities to let him know how I feel. Needless to say, the “butterflies” are still there after all this time. However, thinking of my mom and the “Love is…” cartoon today inspired me to create a “Love is…” cartoon of my own. Please keep in mind, that I am certainly no artist. In fact, my drawing abilities never improved beyond 3rd grade level as you can see below…
So, there's Christina Aguilera (the blonde) on stage (the block thingy). And Jesse (at left) and me (at right), holding hands and singing along (well, only I'm singing b/c I know the words). The concert's in April and I can't wait!

I promise to never subject you to my art again.

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