Monday, October 23, 2006

the meaning of “overkeg” and other stuff from VT’s homecoming

It was a beautiful fall day in B-burg and the day time weather was perfect for college football. Wish I could say the same for the nighttime weather.
fall is here

Since the homecoming game was a night game, we had 8 hours of good, quality tailgating time. As always, Bill (the king of VT tailgates) didn’t disappoint. Knowing that the homecoming tailgate might draw some extra tailgaters, Bill got 3 kegs instead of the usual 2. That was so nice of Bill to overkeg!

the hokie tailgate

And here’s my favorite hokie…
home of the hokies

Once darkness was upon us, the cold became unbearable. Unfortunately, I only brought a sweatshirt with me. However, Jesse came prepared and offered me his leather jacket (which, incidentally, I gave him for X-mas last year). Isn’t he a gentleman?

me and Jesse at Lane Stadium

After the game, we decided to thaw out at a nearby watering hole (Big Al’s) where I was able to catch up on some college football and get to know Jesse’s friends a bit better. Here I am with Bill, the aforementioned the king of VT tailgates.

me and Bill

And here’s Jesse trying to discourage Kevin’s advances. Hey Kevin! He’s my boyfriend!!

jesse and kevin

Here are Jeff and Beth, feeling the rhythm of the music.
beth and jeff

Jeff, a frequent patron of Bailey’s during USC games, made me happy by doing the V for Victory and showing a friend how to do it.
Jeff and the V for Victory

And right before they kicked us out of the bar, I stole a kiss from my boyfriend!
MY boyfriend

Birthday Week ’06 was the best week ever!

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