Thursday, November 23, 2006

better tradition than the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Since 2003, I have taken the opportunity (it being Thanksgiving and all) to stop and reflect on what exactly I am grateful for. So often, we go through our day-to-day lives completely overlooking what it is that makes us happy and keeps us alive and sane. So, here I am, stopping to smell the roses. This year, I am thankful for:

  1. My family and friends being alive and well in 2006
  2. Going home for Christmas for the first time since I moved here!!!
  3. Serena Rose, for being the precious little angel she is and for bringing out my maternal instincts
  4. Gary and Misha--my bicoastal hair team—for keeping my bad hair days to a minimum
  5. without which no one would read my blog
  6. My dear, faithful blog peeps, without whom I probably wouldn’t be keeping a blog
  7. The blog, for being the means by which I have gotten to know some super cool peeps.
  8. Ted (still my bartender) and the door man at Millie and Al's for remembering me even though I don’t go there as much as I used to
  9. Finally working in the field that I love
  10. The Dems taking control of Congress! Finally!
  11. Roo Roos, Dave, and Enzo for being my urban family
  12. Lamond, my personal trainer, for putting up with me (and helping me tone my arms). I had no idea I could reduce the jelly in my arms!
  13. A vaccine against cervical cancer
  14. Josh, whose Trojan spirit is infectious and who pumps me up for every football game
  15. Gwen Stefani, for coming out with a new album December 5th
  16. Bill and Beth for welcoming us into their home every time Jesse and I go to Blacksburg
  17. Jeff, because he gives me warm fuzzies every time he does the V for Victory sign even though he’s a diehard Hokie
  18. Kattie, my sweet and thoughtful soul sister (and the original DC drinking buddy)
  19. Shell, who understands me no matter what mess I’ve gotten myself into (and whose Coach obsession has now superceded mine)
  20. Aditi, who has been my loyal and considerate friend for over 10 years now!
  21. Lisa, the only Bruin I’ll ever love
  22. The USC Trojans having a phenomenal football season that has exceeded my expectations (Beat the Irish!!!)
  23. MTV for making me homesick every week with "Laguna Beach"
  24. Tiffany & Co., because the mere mention of it brings a smile to my face!
  25. Jesse, because every morning I wake up to him is a reminder of how lucky I am

Today and everyday, please take a moment to stop and look around you. There are so many beautiful things in our lives that we overlook and under appreciate simply because we’re too busy. Enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends. Have a fabulous turkey day (or tofurkey day if you’re vegetarian)!!

I heart you all,

OC girl


Eric said...

Maybe next year I'll make it on your list. For now I'm fitting myself under 6 and 7.

- 'Sop

lizzie said...

Eric, you are SO on the list. You are totally 6 AND 7!