Thursday, November 23, 2006

that's me! that's me!

Is anyone else a faithful reader of WaPo's college football chat? I certainly am. If you participated, perhaps you may remember this...

Trojan Chick, D.C.: Now that USC defeated Cal (neither of you said they would), what do you think their chances are against Notre Dame (who has used the likes of Army, Navy, and Stanford to warm up for this game)?

USC definitely controls their destiny as far as whether or not they make it to Glendale. They're a very different team than the one that lost to Oregon State.

Marc Carig: I am here to officially swallow my medicine. I had been saying Cal would win all along... and I was oh so wrong. As for the game, I remember my grandmother watching soap operas when I was young. And when one of the regular stars would leave and be replaced by somebody else, an announcer would start the show with "now playing the role of Chaz is so and so." Well, now playing the role of Michigan in the spanking of Notre Dame, USC.

Eric Prisbell: Hello, Trojan Chick: I think USC wins. The Trojan offense is not as strong as Notre Dame's, but I don't believe Notre Dame's defense has gotten much better since the last time they played a decent opponent. Expect a shootout, but I think USC will outscore ND and leave Quinn winless against the Trojans. 34-31.

I also expect the grass to be cut a little shorter than it was in South Bend last year.

That was me!!! I'm honored they actually took my question.

Might have something to do with the fact that I'm a girl.

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