Monday, November 6, 2006

election day scares me

I’m scared. Perhaps it’s because I’m still a naïve, hopeful, little girl and I’m so nervous about the elections tomorrow. Like feeling-of-dread-deep-in-the-pit-of-my-stomach nervous. Conversations like the one I had on Saturday certainly don’t help.

I was sitting at Bailey’s watching the Virginia Tech game with Jesse and his Hokie friends when a George Allen commercial came on the screen. Allen gave his little spiel about why Webb isn’t the man you want representing Virginians in Congress. And when he was done, his California-born-and-bred-yet-Confederate-flag-waving self came on the screen in his attempt to visually connect with the viewer. I began to boo loudly (beer might’ve been responsible for my outburst). If I could vote in Virginia, I obviously would vote for Webb. Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows that I probably didn’t need to explain that.

So, I booed at Allen. I then turned to Jesse and I apologized (just in case I embarrassed him with my outburst). I followed it up with, “Do all your friends know to vote for Webb and to vote against the marriage amendment?” He said, “Actually, you might want to talk to J (name omitted for his protection). I don’t think he’s voting at all.” For a moment, I was speechless. Not vote? Why would you not vote?

I shouted over to J, “So, who are you gonna vote for?” J replied, “Well, I don’t like Allen and I’m a Republican. So I’m just not going to vote.” Hmmm…I answered, “If you don’t like Allen, wouldn’t you prefer that he not be your Senator since he’s not representing your interests?” J shrugged. “You know, J, I hear Allen hates minorities,” I offered, half jokingly. J shrugged again.

I don’t think that J will be voting tomorrow. Sadly, I’m not sure if there was anything I could say to change his mind. And what’s worse is that I don’t really understand where he’s coming from.

There are a lot of hot button issues that Americans will vote on tomorrow. Gay marriage. Illegal immigration. Abortion. Stem cell research. Some of these may affect you. Others may not. Regardless, this is your opportunity to voice your opinion. And I never miss an opportunity to voice my opinion.

If you’re in Cali, I urge you to check out the following voting guides (for elected office and for the propositions) provided by the OC Weekly. They're entertaining and informative. If you’re a Virginia voter, feel free to check out this guide from the League of Women Voters. And to my blog peeps in Maryland, check this guide out (also from the League of Women Voters).

Every day, I hear people bitch about politics. I hear people talk about how much they don’t like Bush. I hear people discuss the power of the religious right and the non-existent separation of church and state. I hear women worry about the potential for a total ban on abortion. I hope to God that these aren’t the same people who won’t be voting tomorrow.

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DCWeddingPhotog said...

I don't understand people who don't vote. Maybe it's because I'm female and I feel like we've only been allowed to vote for a minimal amount of years, or maybe it's because I am the daughter of an immigrant, who came here to live in a non-communist government, and being able to live in a free country...

I hope everyone votes tomorrow!!!