Sunday, November 26, 2006

an open letter to Brady Quinn

Dear Brady Quinn,

You don’t know me, but I feel that someone out there has to be honest with you. I get the impression that you’re surrounded by a whole lotta “yes, sir”s. And Lord knows, I am not one to beat around the bush, so here goes. You’re not going to win the Heisman. Really. You’re not.

Sure, you’ll get the invite to the ceremony. And ESPN will shower you with as much attention as the other candidates. And you might even land on the covers of SI and ESPN the magazine because you’re a candidate. But you’re not going to win it. Really. You’re not.

The way I see it, a Heisman candidate quarterback is only as good as his receivers/backs. And frankly, your receivers sucked yesterday. And the fact that you led the team in rushing yards yesterday makes your running backs look bad. But it’s not entirely your fault. The USC defense did a lot to confuse them and pressure them. The Trojans broke up passes, batted passes away, and even forced a fumble. Facing a defense that is arguably one of the best in the country isn’t an easy task, considering you’ve played against defenses from the likes of Army, Navy, and Stanford (by the way, combined record of these teams is 12-21). If maybe you played some decent teams on your schedule, you and your teammates would’ve known what to do. Instead, you prepared for this game with scrimmages.

photo courtesy of the LA Times

I totally get that you have great numbers. 3,278 passing yards with 37 total TDs and only 5 interceptions. That’s pretty good. But these yards and TDs were all accomplished while playing against teams like UCLA, Air Force, and North Carolina (by the way, the combined record of these teams is 13-21). If Sean Glennon (the Virginia Tech quarterback) played that kind of schedule, he could probably put up similar numbers. And he’s pretty bad.

My guess is that Troy Smith is going to win the Heisman. Why? Well, Ted Ginn, Jr. is his receiver and he’s pretty bad ass. Secondly, Smith has put up similar numbers with a tougher schedule. And third, he actually led his team to victory against Ohio State’s biggest rival, Michigan. And you, Brady, you lost to Mchigan and to your rival USC (two schools that actually play defense). There was no miracle comeback for you last night. You know, God was probably too busy what with hunger, crime, and corruption running rampant in the world.

So, I recommend that you start looking to your future. Hey, maybe you can hope to be the number one NFL draft pick….unless Calvin Johnson gives up his final year of eligibility. He’ll probably be the top pick.

A loyal Trojan

P.S. Oh I almost forgot to tell you…

Matt Leinart’s prettier than you!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Brady Quinn, along with everyone in the rest of the country, knows that he is not going to win the Heisman. There was really no need to act like you're some master college football analyst in saying what everyone else knows.

And by the way, yes, I'm an ND fan but I'm not some bitter USC hater. You guys did a great job Saturday and all I'll say is Brady did the best he could with what he had.

lizzie said...

what can I say? I hate brady quinn.

Hagan963 said...

"he did it against teams like UCLA", direct quote from u!!!!!!! haha thats rich cuz big fat Booty was terrible in usc's loss to the bruins tonight, 0 tds 1 int. Thank god not all trojans break as easily as Mr. Booty! So maybe u should leave the football to us men.

lizzie said...

being a girl, booty's performance, and the outcome of the USC/UCLA game have NOTHING to do with whether or not brady quinn wins the heisman.

Hagan963 said...

ok, this is why Quinn should winn the heisman. He is the most outstanding player in college football, matching the deffinition of the heisman trophy. Troy Smith has an offensive line of all future NFL players, Quinn's got some guys that might get signed off free agency. Smith has two power and speed backs who will be first day draft picks, Quinn's got an avg speed recieving back. WRs are about even. The argument that Smith is unbeaten is retared, he has a top 10 D. If you put Smith on ND his numbers would go down,and he would never have beat Mich St. or UCLA. If you put Quinn on Ohio St. his numbers would go up a little. Another thing if Smith is a great runner why did Quinn run for more TDs, hmmmm.

lizzie said...

see, was it so hard to make an intelligent comment without any insults?

re Brady Quinn and the Heisman, quinn and smith actually have pretty similar numbers. and at the risk of being criticized for being hated on by buckeye fans, ohio state's schedule is slightly harder than ND's. but when you get down to it, smith got it done when it counted. when OSU played (then #2) texas and michigan, he got the job done. he had good numbers and he led the team to victory. sure OSU's defense is top 10. but they weren't that strong at the beginning of the season (they improved a lot as the season went on). when it came down to ND's two toughest games (Michigan and USC), brady just couldn't do it. he didn't lead his team to victory. maybe this isn't the way the heisman trophy should be won. but when the voters take the time to vote, they're going to be thinking about smith's big wins and wondering what big wins brady quinn had.