Monday, November 27, 2006

you can’t spell BCS without ‘SC

Holy crap. What a weekend. So much college football. My brain can barely handle it. Oh yeah and USC beat Notre Dame!

On to the recap:

  • Ohio State and Michigan were both idle.
  • On Thursday, Miami beat Boston College for the upset (I can’t believe I just typed that). And then Miami’s coach got fired. Poor Larry Coker. I really feel for the guy. He did help bring a national title to the school in 2001, but it’s been downhill since (well actually since Miami joined the ACC). Still, in a world where Joe Pa and Bobby Bowden have coached at their respective schools forever, whatever happened to loyalty?
  • On Friday, Texas A&M beat Texas. I’m not even gonna front. After what happened last year (you know, the Rose Bowl), I take great joy in every Texas misfortune…except for Colt McCoy’s injury at the end of that game. I could never be happy over a player getting injured. But still…the Longhorns lost! Yay!
  • On Saturday, Florida squeaked out a victory over rival Florida State. How crazy is that? They squeaked out a victory? Over 6-6 Florida State? Urban Meyer (Florida’s coach) was ranting about the importance of style points in getting to the BCS title game. Well, apparently lackluster wins against a crappy team get you nowhere, as Florida continues to sit at #4.
  • Arkansas lost to LSU. I’m really not surprised. That SEC is definitely unpredictable. However, I was hoping for an Arkansas win especially since USC beat them (I swear, if I hear someone else say, “but Arkansas is not the same team that lost to USC in a blowout” I’m going to scream!). Doesn’t matter. They still get to play Florida for the SEC championship. And frankly, I hope the Hogs win so Urban Meyer can shut it.
  • In the battle for the state of Virginia, Virginia Tech shut out UVa, 17-0. This game looked like quite the defensive battle in the first half until the Hokies broke it open. And boy was Sean Glennon hard to watch. That QB can’t scramble to save his life. Note to Tech, whatever you do, don’t recruit Glennon’s brother.
  • In the battle for the state of Georgia, Georgia beat Georgia Tech, making Virginia Tech one of the highest ranked teams not going to their own conference championship (LSU is the other one).
  • Uh oh. Someone was caught looking ahead. West Virginia lost to the University of South Florida. So much for all that talk about the mighty Big East this season (ok, so maybe it only came from West Virginia, Rutgers, and Louisville fans, but there was still talk).
  • And finally, USC easily defeated Notre Dame, 44-24. I’m not going to gloat (anymore that is, in case you didn’t read my previous two posts). The USC defense effectively shut down Brady Quinn’s offense. There was just something about seeing Brady Quinn getting sacked and completing less than 50% of his passes that brings tears to my eyes. Ok, really now. No more gloating. USC’s offense certainly didn’t need a “Bush Push” this year as Dwayne Jarrett had 3 TDs in the game. Heck even one of our Defensive Ends got in on the scoring fun. And you know what’s the best part of all this (besides moving up to #2 in the BCS poll and having a chance to play Ohio State in the BCS title game)? Notre Lame graduates 18 seniors this year, including Brady Quinn. Looks like someone is headed towards a rebuilding year.

I know you’re probably thinking, Gee, she sure is gloating a bit much. Well, let me explain why. On Saturday, Jesse and I headed over to Baileys to watch the game. Why do we go to Baileys? Because it’s the official USC bar for us DC Trojans. And what happened when we got to Baileys? Well, we noticed that there were Irish fans everywhere. Notre Dame fans actually had the audacity to show up at our bar to watch the game (hey Irish fans, in case you don’t know Mister Days is your official bar and it’s down the street from Baileys). And what’s worse (besides the chants of “go Irish” before the game and during the game) is that they actually continued to heckle us even after USC won. And what did I do? I just sat there and let them do their thing. Sure, I wanted to chant “overrated” every time Brady Quinn didn’t complete a pass. But Jesse wouldn’t let me.

Well, I’m a little drained on the college football thing, so I may not blog about it for a few days. But you should probably know, that USC will probably clinch a BCS title game berth by beating FUCLA* on Saturday. And if there are any Bruin fans who want to watch the game at Bailey’s, I say BRING IT!

*I’d like to extend an apology to my Bruin friend Lisa for expressing my hatred of UCLA.
**ALSO, I can’t take credit for the blog post title. Jesse said it right after USC beat Notre Dame.


ejtakeslife said...

And here I was thinking you can't spell BCS with out BS! But then, I'm a Wolverine :)

Todd G Sapp said... can't spell BCS without SC. Unless of course you count 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003. Enjoy it. These things come and go.

lizzie said...

EJ--yes, in 2003, I was right there with ya with the whole BCS BS thing. I'm certainly not suggesting that the system works. I'm just glad that USC is a part of the title hunt this year.

Todd--I will enjoy this, thank you. With USC having the top recruiting classes the last few years, I hope to enjoy this for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Stupid trojan fan girl of a team playing in a no defense, all hype, sissy conference. PINK pretty much sums it up.

lizzie said...

i was wondering when the haters would start showing up.

bullgator said...

You said UF "squeaked (by 7) by a 6-6 FSU team" mean like USC squeaking by a 6-6 Washington State team (by 6) and a 5-7 Washington team (by 6 at home)?

lizzie said...

that was september! since the Oregon State loss, USC is a completely different team.