Monday, November 13, 2006

thanks Arizona, Georgia, and Kansas State!

Whoa! It looks like everyone was on upset alert this Saturday. I’m just going to go straight to the recap:

  • Ohio State won again. *yawn* Michigan won again too. *yawn* They blew out whoever it was that they played (I could look it up, but it doesn’t matter) to warm up for the “game of the year” (ESPN’s words, not mine) next Saturday.
  • In case you missed it on Thursday, Louisville was upset by Rutgers, starting a debate (that lasted until Saturday) about what Rutgers should be ranked and if they deserved to go to Glendale if they go undefeated. First off, they play in the Big Least. If Duke played in that conference, they’d probably have a couple of victories. Secondly, pollsters are not obligated to send them to Glendale because they have a weak schedule (in and out of their conference). Third, they’re not going undefeated. They’re losing to West Virginia. I’m calling it now.
  • Holy crap, the mighty Gators of Florida almost lost to South Carolina on Saturday. Had the Gators not blocked a point after attempt and a field goal attempt, they would have joined Auburn in falling in the rankings.
  • Which brings me to Auburn’s loss. Their game vs. Georgia wasn’t even close. Georgia had a field day with Auburn’s defense, which is one of the top defenses in the country. That just goes to show you that you just never know with those SEC teams. Florida, you’re on notice.
  • Kansas State. God bless you. I’ve never really liked Texas anyways (last year’s Rose Bowl certainly didn’t help). I know that you’ve played the role of spoiler before and I was hoping that you could do it again. And you did. That was a great game and an exciting finish. Way to hold the Longhorns to just a field goal in their final drive…and way to recover that onside kick.
  • How about them Wildcats? Damn, Arizona. You really surprised me. Here I was thinking you’d be another Golden Bear victim and then you make an awesome comeback and then you hold on for the win. Holy crap, did you really just upset Cal? You mean Lee Corso was wrong when he predicted at the beginning of the season that Cal would win it all? I have to admit, the Arizona/Cal game was far more interesting than the Virginia Tech/Kent State game I should’ve been watching. But the upset really got me pumped up for the USC/Oregon game.
  • So yeah, Virginia Tech beat Kent State. As expected, it wasn’t even close. But I gotta tell you, Sean Glennon is a frustrating quarterback to watch. I don’t know if it’s the O-Line or if he just can’t scramble or maybe both.

And the best (and only) late night match up was the USC/Oregon game. Whoever decided to schedule that game at 10:30 pm needs to be fired. Why? Because the East Coast missed out on an awesome game. Even I’ll admit that the game ended way past my bedtime.

So, I was pretty pumped about Cal losing and my nervous energy was magnified as time went on since I had to wait 4 hours for the USC game to start. Granted, USC wasn’t perfect, but it was an awesome game to watch (Trojans win, 35-10, and we jumped up to #4 in the rankings thanks to the upsets). I was so impressed with our defense. Oregon made it to the red zone a couple of times, and every time, our defense answered back with some great stops (including interceptions, sacks, and fumble recoveries). DE Lawrence Jackson came to life and had 3 sacks. We capitalized on every Oregon mistake.

Emmanuel Moody may have been injured in the first half, but Chauncey Washington picked up the slack with a career-high 119 yards and 3 touchdowns. Our QB John David Booty wasn’t bad but he did throw a momentum-killing interception. Still it was not as bad as the Dwayne Jarrett throw that was intercepted since he threw directly to a Duck. Jarrett should stick to WR duties.

Oregon’s only touchdown was debated for what seemed like an eternity. It appeared that the Duck who caught the ball was out of bounds and then came back into the end zone to catch the ball. The play was reviewed and the TD was reversed. And then the Duck coach bitched and complained and it was reviewed again and the call was reversed again because it appeared that a USC player tipped the ball (????). Whatever. If that was the only way the Ducks could score on us, then fine. Let the refs give it to them. USC responded with a TD run anyways.

So, on the plate next Saturday is Wake Forest vs. VA Tech, Ohio State vs. Michigan (which the Buckeyes are going to win, I’m calling it now), and USC vs. Cal. The USC/Cal game determines the winner of the Pac-10 and presumably who goes to the Rose Bowl.

Should be a nail-biter.

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Mr.Fumbles said...

This game could possibly be the best NCAA football match-up this season. Think of it this way; WR- Minningham(M) vs. Ginn (OSU), the nations most dangerous players when it comes to catching a football. Then you got Troy Smith and Chad Henne. Mike Hart will have a say somewhere, sometime. For the Wolverines this game means everything, and if your Ohio State this game means everything when trying to preserve the National Title.