Thursday, November 9, 2006

confidential to birthday boy in VA

Dearest Love of my Life,

Today is a very special day. I love making you happy every day of the year, and today should be no exception. Why? Because 29 years ago today, you entered the world. Happy birthday, boo boo!

In an effort to make this day your happiest day of the year so far, I promise to do the following:

  • Hug you as often as possible
  • Kiss you when appropriate (boo public PDA’s)
  • Tell you that I love you every opportunity I get
  • Not to get stressed out as I’m getting ready for dinner (and ruin the mood)
  • Take you out to dinner to the DC area’s premier steakhouse
  • Let you order whatever you want no matter the cost because I want to spoil you
  • Not to make you wear something dressy (however, you are required to look hot, which is never a problem for you)
  • Not to tell the waiter/waitress that it’s your birthday so you won’t be embarrassed by their singing “Happy Birthday” to you in front of everybody
  • Come home with our satisfied bellies
  • Let you sleep tonight unless you have different plans…*ahem*

I want you to have a very special day today. I hope to make you as happy as you’ve made me. I love you!

Happy, Happy Birthday!


Jesse said...

Awww...thanks Lizzie. That was really sweet!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Jesse!

Which of DC's premier steak houses did you take him to?


lizzie said...

Alexis, I just told Jesse about your comment and he said, "awww...thank you!" Last night, we went to Ray's the Steaks in Arlington and it was delish! I'm not really big on steaks, but I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of my meal (as did Jesse). Thank you for asking!