Friday, December 1, 2006

happy world AIDS day

Today is World AIDS Day and the theme is “Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise.” But the reality is that in 25 years, AIDS will be the 3rd leading cause of death worldwide. The reality is that women continue to become infected at higher rates than any other segment of the population. The reality is that mother to child transmission of HIV continues despite the existence of an effective method that almost eliminates that risk. The reality is that people continue to die from AIDS simply because they’ve never had access to life-extending drugs. The reality is that there are 11,000 new infections a day worldwide. The reality is that making a difference starts with YOU.

For more info on World AIDS Day, click on the button below.
Support World AIDS Day

Please check out Fight HIV in DC for information on local events.

And if shopping is your preferred method of activism, check out Kenneth Cole. In stores and online, a portion of the money made today will be donated to AIDS charities. Or you can check out the Kiehl's store in Georgetown. 100% of the money made from 5pm-7pm will be donated to YouthAIDS. If you're in the market for new makeup, check out MAC and pick up a new lipstick. Since 1994, MAC’s Viva Glam line has been raising money for MAC’s AIDS Fund. 100% of the price of the lipstick is donated. Or you can just walk into your local GAP and pick up any item from their Product Red collection. Half of the money made from these items is being given to Bono’s Product Red campaign.

AIDS is real. People are still getting infected and they’re still dying.

Maybe one day we won’t need a World AIDS Day. Until then, let’s do the best we can to fight AIDS!

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