Monday, December 4, 2006

off to the Rose Bowl!

I’ve never been so calm after a loss. Such a strange feeling. Jesse told me that I’m starting to take these things like a boy. Maybe. On to the recap…

  • There was some sort of epic football game between Army and Navy. It’s important to some people apparently, but unfortunately, I didn’t watch. I imagine Army won.
  • In a pretty uninteresting ACC title game, Wake Forest beat Georgia Tech for a trip to the Orange Bowl. I actually took a nap in the middle of the game and when I woke up, the score was still the same. But I’m sure the game was exciting to Demon Deacons and Yellow Jackets everywhere.
  • Louisville won and Rutgers lost meaning Louisville has won the Big East title and a trip to the Orange Bowl to face the Demon Deacons. Who would've predicted these two meeting in the Orange Bowl?
  • Congratulations Florida! By beating Arkansas in the SEC championship, you have won the privilege of going to Glendale to face the Buckeyes of Ohio State. Good luck, Gators!
  • And speaking of luck running out, USC fell to rival FUCLA. We played horribly. Our QB, John David Booty lacked confidence the entire game. It was obvious that we didn’t deserve to play in the BCS title game and we proved it on Saturday.

So, to all the Bruins out there, I say thank you. Thank you for sending us to the Rose Bowl, for our record 31st appearance. Thank you for giving us one last home game this season. Thank you for taking us out of the Ohio State/Michigan rematch debate. Thank you for keeping us from getting our butts kicked by the Buckeyes. Thank you for sparing us from that embarrassment.

So we lost to the Bruins. So what? Sure it would've been nice to go to Glendale. But you can't take away the fact that USC won the Pac-10 title for the fifth year in a row and we're going to the Rose Bowl for the second year in a row. All in a rebuilding year. All of this after losing two Heisman winners. You know Texas wishes it had been so lucky.

Oh and Bruins...

Have fun at the Emerald Bowl!


Needtsza said...

A few notes, if I may:

- USC got what was right
- Florida did not, as Michigan got robbed. (even if I'm a Florida fan)
- WVU came through with a back-up QB and broken superstar RB to take Louisville out, so Ha Ha to the Big East.

- Thanks for the updates =)
- Mountaineer Fanatic!!

Law-Rah said...

Lizzie, you know I love you...but I'm gonna have to bring the hate on this one. USC was straight up overrated this season! (that is putting it nicely;-)

And Needs - dude, Florida is the better team. Done.

Everything here worked out as it should:-)

lizzie said...

needtsza--thanks for the comment. i have a feeling we'll be debating the whole Florida/Michigan/Ohio State argument for awhile.

law-rah--i completely disagree with you. overrated all season? USC had the toughest non-conference schedule of any other Div. 1-A school thanks to our coach's philosophy of playing anyone anywhere. and we played the toughest string of games in battling (and convincingly beating) oregon, cal, and notre lame all in a row. we ended up with a 10-2 record, another pac-10 title, and a rose bowl berth. ALL OF THIS AFTER LOSING TWO HEISMAN TROPHY WINNERS. overrated? no. inconsistent, yes!

Joe B. said...

"Ding, Ding Ding..." What's that? Oh, that bell that spent the last seven years in Da' 'Hood of South Central is moving on up to the Westwood side of town for at least the next year at that basketball school because they beat that football school that calls itself "Tailback U," alma mater of the inimitable, irrepressible (no, really) Orenthal James Simpson, who is also its most well known (notorious? infamous?) alumnus. "That's something to be proud of Russ." Hey, Keyshawn was really representin' last night in Philly, showing the form he displayed against UCLA the two years he was a Trojan, including the year he guaranteed a win against the Bruins, just give him the damn ball, a'ight.