Wednesday, December 20, 2006

you can’t get Strep from reading this blog!

Random thoughts during my self-imposed quarantine…

  • The doctor lied to me. He prescribed something that was supposed to bring my voice back and it’s still not back. First he mocks me for my ‘yellow tonsils’ and then he gives me medicine that didn’t work. If it weren’t for the strong paid med he gave me for my sore throat, I might be more upset.
  • I haven’t shaved in two days. As much as I hate shaving every day, I think I hate two day growth even more. Jesse probably agrees with me on this one.
  • The marriage between Eminem and his wife for a second time, Kim Mathers, has ended…again. I guess this means he’s available again, ladies! Hurry before Kim snatches him up again (well, you know if little pasty homophobic guys are your cup of tea).
  • As I sit here and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4 on DVD, I realize that Riley was such a great boyfriend. Strong, sensitive, and pretty toned. It’s too bad he had to make nice with the vampires right after Buffy’s mother died in Season 5.
  • Is anyone else upset that Lorelai married Christopher on the Gilmore Girls?
  • The Guttmacher Institute has released a study showing that 95% of Americans engage in premarital sex. Sure this is straight out of the book of Duh. Do you think this will prove to the Religious Right that abstinence only education isn’t effective (even for adults)? Yeah, I’m not holding my breath either.
  • The Capitol Christmas Tree is WAY better than the so-called National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse.

I love that it comes from a different state every year (Washington state this year).

  • Only 5 days until Xmas and 3 days until Jesse and I celebrate Xmas with his family. And guess who I still haven’t bought Xmas presents for. Yes, Jesse’s family. I’ve been lucky enough to do all of my holiday shopping online so far. But it’s too late now. I’m going to have to venture out to the malls. Yuck. The malls at Christmas time. Could you think of a worse place to be?
  • 4 days until the Christmas in Cali Tour ’06 begins. Sure, Cali’s going through a brief cold spell right now (mid to high 60s), but by Christmas it will be a perfect 72 degrees. Ah…there’s nothing like warm, sunny-ness on Christmas Day!
I think it’s nap time now…g’night!


Gunfighter said...

Hi Lizzie!

Welcome to Washington.

I live in the Virginia 'burbs these days, as I am old and married now.

DC is one of the greatest cities in the country, I hope you like it here.


DCWeddingPhotog said...

hey you! I hope your flight isn't affected by the snowstorm in Colorado! xoxo!