Tuesday, January 2, 2007

we're BA-AAAACK!!!!

Oh, USC football, how I've missed you! USC killed Michigan tonight in the 2007 Rose Bowl, 32-18 (would've been 32-11 had it not been for a last minute Michigan TD after the game had been decided). Sure, the first half was a nail biter. But once we figured out that Michigan was no match for our passing game, it was over.

QB John David Booty leads the Spirit of Troy, USC's marching band
photo courtesy of the LA Times

If anything, this game proved one thing: that USC should be the consensus preseason #1.


DCWeddingPhotog said...

man oh man, Michigan suuuucked tonight! congrats on your win.

lizzie said...

thank you, mk!

Needtsza said...

Maybe the BCS actually made the right call with Florida in the title game, huh?

Meanwhile, Boise State game...crazy!

But I still love my WVU!! GATOR BOWL BABY!!!

congrats to you too