Tuesday, January 2, 2007

an open letter to the BCS foolios

Dear BCS head honchos,

Since Michigan lost by a field goal to Ohio State on November 18, there has been much debate over who deserved to play Ohio State in the BCS title game (I refuse to use the words “national championship” as that is not what the BCS title game is). Many argued that Michigan, despite losing its final game of the season, was still the second best team in the country and therefore should play the Buckeyes on January 8. However, as the weeks went on and other universities continued to play, Michigan’s hopes dwindled and by BCS standards Florida won the right to play Ohio State. Still people (mostly Michigan fans and possibly other Big Ten supporters) cried foul. You thought the fair solution was to put Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

So the Granddaddy of them All was reduced to a consolation prize between two teams that had BCS title game hopes—Michigan and USC. All season long and especially after Selection Saturday, people argued for a playoff, saying (mostly) that the BCS formula simply doesn’t work. Really, there is no rational reason not to have a playoff. After all, if Div 1-AA can have a playoff, why not Div 1-A?

I personally don’t believe in your system ever since you kept USC out of the title game in the 2003 season (that’s ok, we won the AP title anyways). Everyone knows that USC deserved to play LSU for the title (as it would’ve been a better game). But for years, the BCS formula has been criticized. Don’t you understand? People are not going to rest until a playoff system is implemented.

But last night, something magical happened. USC proved all the ESPN commentators wrong (again) and easily defeated Michigan, 32-18. USC provided the best defense Michigan has seen all season (it’s true, just ask any Wolverine). All those people who criticized you for not putting Michigan in the BCS title game were silenced. USC proved that Michigan didn't belong.

So, after last night’s Rose Bowl I expect one thing from you. A huge, giant “THANK YOU.” Why? Because last night, USC showed the world that Michigan didn’t deserve to play in the BCS title game, thereby implying that you were right to have Florida play the Buckeyes. So now all the Michigan supporters can stop complaining and criticizing you. The monkey was pulled off your back. And you have USC to thank for that.

As far as Boise State goes…well, I can’t help you with that. I’m sure their win didn’t fit your plans. Looks like you’ve got a whole new argument against your formula…

a Trojan who supports a playoff system

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DCWeddingPhotog said...

yeah, they gotta do something about the BCS... it's gettin' silly.