Wednesday, January 3, 2007

scenes from the Cali Xmas Tour ‘06

Here are some pics to give you guys an idea of what Jesse and I did while we were in Cali.

On the Day after Xmas, Jesse and I went out to dinner with my friend Kattie, who looked fabulous as usual. We headed over to Downtown Disney in Anaslime and ate at the Jazz Kitchen. We gave it 6 thumbs up! Great food for a reasonable price. And the beignets were amazing.
Kattie and me

The next day, Jesse and I explored Santa Barbara County. It was a first for the two of us. We took the scenic route through the Santa Ynez Valley which enabled us to take some great pictures at Lake Cachuma. For the record, it was very, very cold that day as wind gusts were expected to reach record speeds and rain clouds hugged the mountains.
Jesse and me at the Lake
This shot of the storm clouds over Lake Cachuma could practically be a post card!
a menacing sky

So, the reason for the scenic route on such a chilly day? The wineries of the Santa Ynez Valley! Here I am looking very cold at Gainey Winery .
me at the vineyard

Did I mention that my mom and sis invited themselves along for this trip? Here is a picture of them looking pretty in pink in the Buttonwood Farms Wine Tasting room.
my mom and sis at the winery

The following day, after getting my hair done by my colorist (red, red, RED!), Jesse and I met my boos Jered and Aurelio for dinner at Cheesecake Factor. I normally shun chain restaurants, but I hadn’t been to Cheesecake in forever. I’m glad Aurelio suggested it.
me and the boys

The following day, Jesse and I visited the Getty in LA. If you love art, then the Getty’s definitely for you. If not, you should still go to take in the views! Here is a view of the coast from the Getty.
coastal view from the Getty

Here is a view of LA from the Getty.
a view of LA from the Getty

Here’s Jesse. The LA skyline is off in the distance and downtown Westwood is clearly visible on the right.
Jesse and the LA skyline

The Getty Institute, the Gardens at the Getty, and Brentwood
a view of the Getty Institute and gardens

The following day, Jesse and I went to Laguna Beach for brunch. Laguna isn’t really about rich kids and what they do for fun. There’s a beach too (and actually Laguna is known for its art community).
Laguna Beach 2

Sana’s wedding was on our last night home and I just had to take a break from getting ready by playing with my niece, Serena Rose. Can you believe she just turned two?
me and serena again

Here’s Jesse and me, right before leaving for the wedding in a picture I call “our prom picture.”
Prom pic 2

It was such a great week that I was actually very sad to leave home. But it was especially hard to say good bye to Serena, who has finally stopped being shy around me!