Friday, May 18, 2007

being in the 5th row sucks

So last night, I was sitting in the fifth row of the Gwen Stefani concert at Nissan Pavilion and now I’m suffering the consequences. I still can’t hear in my left ear. Damn speakers. Why’d you have to be so close to me?

Oh please, who am I kidding??? I LOVED the fifth row. In fact, the only other option that would be better than the fifth row would be rows 1-4. I felt so close to the action. Now that I know what the 5th row is like, I don’t think I could ever enjoy sitting elsewhere (unless it’s in the aforementioned rows 1-4).

The show was amazing. Gwen was amazing. Heck, even Akon was enjoyable and he didn’t dry hump any 14 year olds. (Sorry but I can’t tell you anything about Lady Sovereign, another opening act, because I was too busy buying concert merchandise while she performed her 25 minute set.) I’m not really an Akon fan and I had no idea that he sang so many songs that I’ve been hearing on the radio…like that old song, “I’m so lonely” or something like that. Jesse used to torture me by playing that song or not letting me change the station when it would come on the radio. I disliked the song THAT much. And there goes Akon singing it last night and I had no idea that he was the artist behind that song. It’s actually not such a bad song when sung live.

Ok, so back to Gwen. Gwen has been an amazing performer since way back in the early No Doubt days when I first discovered the group. And last night was no different. She was fun and energetic. She really got the crowd into it, especially when she ran to the back where all the lawn people were and sang “Cool” for them. That was definitely a highlight. But my personal highlight was when she sang the song, “An Orange County Girl.” Being from the OC myself (I may have mentioned that before), I was honored to see the original “OC girl living in an extraordinary world” play my song.

Here are some pictorial highlights from the show. The full set of pics can be seen here, at my flickr page.

akon at gwen stefani concert

Gwen performing The Sweet Escape
gwen during sweet escape

Gwen performing Rich Girl
gwen during rich girl

Gwen performing Wind it Up
gwen during wind it up

Gwen performing Hollaback Girl
gwen during hollaback girl

Gwen performing OC Girl
gwen during OC girl

Gwen during What Cha Waiting For
gwen during what ya waiting for

Gwen’s final bow
gwen's final goodbye

And for those of you who haven’t heard the song “An Orange County Girl” here is a clip of her performance from last night (yes, the clip is mine)

It was such a good show!


DCWeddingPhotog said...

That's awesome. I used to loooove No Doubt- it was my first ever concert- I was in 6th grade. This is still when they were very punk rockish- Weezer was the opening band back then! Glad you had so much fun!

sunchaser said...

How'd you ever get 5th row seats?! That is awesome! Glad you had fun! :)

lizzie said...

MK--not sure if you're still a no doubt fan but gwen announced at her concert that she would be getting back with the band after her tour to work on a new album. i can't wait! of the perks of fan club membership. yes, i am 28 years old and in a fan club. but not just any fan club. the gwen stefani fan club. and somehow i'm strangely proud of that.

No Doubt News said...

Great pictures!

lizzie said...

NDN--thank you!

Kat said...

Ee! I was totally there. Her show just blew my mind. We drove all the way from Pittsburgh, PA! I agree with you though. She was so fun and exciting, I've been waiting yearrrsss to see her and traveled so far and got lost for so many hours. Lol. I didn't think I'd cry, but I did when she sang "The Real Thing"... It looked like she was crying, no?