Monday, May 21, 2007

having fun despite my nats losing streak

In honor of the Beltway Series, Jesse and I planned a little pre-game tailgate with our friends for Saturday’s game. We were all pretty excited about getting together and looking forward to cheering on the Nats. Not surprisingly, the Nats lost. I say this not because they’re not exactly the best team in baseball. I say this because I can’t remember the last time I attended a Nats game and actually saw them win. Jesse and I are huge baseball fans so we frequent RFK (and Camden Yards) and I just never see the Nats win. Regardless, we had a great time, especially since my friend Roo Roos was visiting this weekend from Philly.

Here I am with my boys, Dave and Roo Roos before the game.
i heart my boys

After the game, we had a late dinner at Banana Café, Roo Roos favorite DC restaurant. Here I am with Jesse during dinner.
me and my boo

Even though they missed our tailgate, Jesse’s friends and co-workers, Carl, Anna, and Adrian joined us for the game and dinner.
carl, anna, and adrian

Here I am with Roo Roos.
me and roo roos

Roo Roos wanted to get a pic with the Banana Café sign so here we are with Dave.
me and my boys at banana cafe

Even though the Nats lost, it was an awesome weekend. I love when Roo Roos comes to visit!


sunchaser said...

So however did he get that name "RooRoos" (or do we not want to know? :)

Too bad about the game. I don't much watch baseball, but when I do, I have to pull for the either the Yankees or the White Sox or Cubs (because 1/2 of my family lives in NYC and because I love Chicago!)

DCWeddingPhotog said...

Yay! Glad you had a great weekend, you deserve it. See you soon, I hope.

lizzie said...

sunchaser--ha! it's nothing dirty or anything. his name is rudy and 'roo roos' is my nickname for him. i've been calling him roo roos for so long now that i only call him rudy when i'm introducing him to people.

as far as baseball goes, i'm actually a huge angels fan and i do go out to see them when they play baltimore. but i do support the nats (the angels and the nats are in different leagues so it's ok).

mk--thanks! i hope to see you soon too! maybe the next blogger HH...

yummy411 said...

hey lizzie.. glad you had a great time! so roo roos loves banana cafe that much huh? i went and wasn't impressed. anything he recommends???

lizzie said...

hi yummy411--honestly, banana cafe is great when your expectations aren't too high. but roo roos does love the food there and his favorite is the puerto rican piononos. i personally like the bistec empanizado and i get it all the time. jesse had the bistec encebollado this past weekend and he said it was delish.

except he may not have actually used the word 'delish'...