Tuesday, June 19, 2007

whoa! has it been 3 years already?

It all started with my favorite gays—or rather one favorite gay named Roo Roos. Roo Roos, Dave, and I were like the three musketeers, inseparable and loyal. Until one day, a girl named Kris tried to take my place. One could argue that she was trying to be the 4th musketeer, but then you’d have to dismiss the fact that I felt threatened. As Kris and Roo Roos became better friends, I felt neglected and un-special.

As DC Pride 2004 approached, Roo Roos, Dave and I made plans to hang out to commemorate Pride. Shortly after we discussed plans, I heard from my favorite Party Gay, Jason. Jason was planning to celebrate his birthday with dinner on the patio at Dupont Italian Kitchen during the Pride parade. He had invited me to come along. I assured Jason that Roo Roos, Dave, and I would make an appearance at his birthday soiree.

Everything changed when Roo Roos announced that Kris was joining us for our pride parade festivities. In no way did I want to share my first Pride experience with that friend thief, so I told Roo Roos that if Kris was going, I would be making other plans for Pride. Obviously, this caused a rift between Roo Roos and me. Dave tried to play peacemaker to no avail. Roo Roos did the mature thing and didn’t un-invite Kris. Afterwards, I called Jason to let him know that I would be going to his birthday dinner…alone.

The day of the Pride parade, Jason and I spoke shortly before his dinner while I was getting dressed. Jason knew why I would be going to his party solo, but that I wasn’t worried because I was sure I would end up bonding with one of Jason’s gay friends. Jason broke the news gently, “Umm…Liz, there won’t be any other gays there. Besides you, it’s just my work friends and they are all straight, except for the lesbians.” I started to get nervous. No gays? How would I make any friends? I tried to look on the bright side. “Are any of your work friends cute?” Jason laughed. He said with a chuckle, “Boo, I work in IT. They’re all computer nerds. I don’t think they’re your type.” Slightly miffed, I replied, “Hey, I like geeks.” Really, I do. I think intelligence is sexy…just as sexy as a buff pair of arms.

Jason and I showed up to his dinner first, long before his work friends (who lived in the ‘burbs) showed. We chatted for a while over Stoli Razzes and Sprites. And then, his work friends showed. One by one, they entered the crowded D.I.K. patio. Jason stood up to greet his friends. And then I saw Him. The future love of my life. He was tall, dark, broad shouldered, and sexy, with the largest arms I had seen in a long time. He easily could’ve been mistaken for a pro-football player. I was in awe. Since when did computer geeks start looking like sexy athletes?

Jason introduced me to all of his friends and I only could manage to remember the sexy football player-turned computer geek’s name—Jesse. He sat next to me during dinner and I got nervous (until I ordered some more drinks). The whole time, Jesse didn’t look or talk to me once. I was beginning to think that I didn’t have a shot.

After the parade and dinner, Jason wanted to go to Adams Morgan as all the gay bars would be more crowded that usual. As we left D.I.K., I told him I thought Jesse was hot. Jason said (or slurred rather, since he was already drunk), “Yeah, he IS, isn’t he? Too bad he’s straight. You are SO going home with him tonight.” I laughed off his prediction. “Yeah, right,” I said, “He hasn’t even talked to me.” Knowingly, Jason replied, “Trust me.”

As we were walking towards Adams Morgan, the boys were talking sports. Jason brought up baseball. I just so happen to love baseball. I figured that this was my In. Jesse started talking about the Yankees. I told him that I hated the Yankees and asked him if he was a fan. Jesse said with a tone of surprise, “No, I don’t really like the Yankees either.” I got the impression that he wasn’t used to talking to females about sports. So I guessed who his team was: “Do you like Boston?” Jesse replied, “They’re alright. I’m actually an O’s fan. I always cheer for the hometown team.” So then I talked to him about Camden Yards and what a great park it is. From baseball, we started talking about college football and then California, my favorite topic.

The conversation flowed freely as we walked to the bars. We got to Felix and he bought me a drink. Soon we got bored at Felix and we walked over to Millie and Al’s to see Ted, my bartender. As soon as Ted noticed me in the crowded bar, he pointed at me and took my order. The first round was on me. I got Jesse a beer, which I handed to Jason to give to Jesse. Jason told me later that Jesse was shocked. Jesse had told him, “No girl has ever bought me a drink before.” Jason replied, “Yeah, well Liz isn’t like other girls. She’s special.”

I was definitely feeling Jesse but still not sure if he was feeling me. We hung out at the Reef until we headed to Tryst, where I tried to get Jason to sober up. After Tryst, we decided to call it a night, as Jason couldn’t really walk without assistance. As the suburbanites tried to locate their car somewhere around Dupont Circle, I told Jason, “Boo, I need to get a cab so I’m going to walk over to the Circle.” Jason said, “But it’s dark and you’re alone. JESSE! Jesse will make sure you get home ok.” Jason almost shoved Jesse in my direction as we said goodbye to his friends.

We quickly grabbed a cab and headed to my place. He ‘called’ one of his friends to see if he could crash with him after the cab dropped me off. He couldn’t get a hold of the alleged friend. I felt bad about sending him home. Jesse told me that he lived in Centerville. I didn’t know much about the ‘burbs back then, so I assumed if it wasn’t Metro accessible then it’s just TOO FAR. So I told him he could spend the night…on my spare Aerobed.

Well, I could tell you right now that the Aerobed wasn’t used. And I could also tell you that I was on the receiving end of the best cuddling ever.

In those three years, Jesse and I have gone to every Pride parade, bought each other drinks many times, and cuddled until dawn. And despite our difficulties lately, I wouldn’t change a thing (well, except maybe one little thing…).

And today, on our 3 year anniversary, I love him infinitely more than I did three years ago, and I continue to love him more each and every day.


Alexis said...

Awww, that is a really nice story!

Happy anniversary to you and Jesse :)

Madame M. said...



sunchaser said...

Another great story! Happy belated anniversary! :)

lizzie said...

alexis, madame, and sunchaser--thank you, ladies. you're all so sweet!

in case you were wondering, jesse and i had a fabulous time tuesday evening and we're both really looking forward to our post-anniversary celebratory trip to cali!