Friday, July 27, 2007

friday brain dump

Oh the random thoughts that hang out in my brain…

  • I was gone for 8 days. When I left work, my desk was messy. When I came back, it was still messy. Couldn’t someone have been nice enough to clean it up for me while I was away? Damn.
  • I’m sure by now that everyone knows about Lindsay Lohan and her trainwreck life (in case you haven’t heard, she was arrested yet again after some kind of car chase and was caught with coke in her pocket). But to blame it all on the black kid who was a passenger in the vehicle she just happened to take in order to chase down her assistant? Let’s not forget that this kid managed to jump out of the vehicle and get his foot run over by Ms. Lohan herself. That would be kinda hard to do if he was supposed to be driving the vehicle himself. Ok. So she’s a coke addict. And the girl loves her liquor (especially before driving). But now she’s racist too? Hells no! Girl needs to get locked up. Hopefully she’ll take her trainwreck parents with her.
  • Speaking of trainwrecks…damn Michael Vick. To think that Jesse named a plant after you (he named two other ones “Matt Leinart” and “Reggie Bush” just in case you were wondering what he was thinking). Good thing the plant died so we wouldn’t have a constant reminder of him in our home. I’m feeling kinda torn (being an honorary Hokie and all) for Jesse (who’s the real Hokie). I must tone down my feelings of disgust for Jesse’s sake, who’s having a hard time accepting these allegations. Vick certainly deserved that cold reception he got in Richmond yesterday.
  • Speaking of Hokies, I can’t wait for college football to start. We’ve got just over a month left, peeps! The anticipation is mounting. By the way, thanks to my good friend Kattie, Jesse and I will be going to USC’s homecoming game this year. Woo hoo! I’m so looking forward to it. And I’m also looking forward to USC’s upcoming trip to VA in 2008. Look out, Wahoos. Here come the defending BCS champion Trojans to start off your 2008 season. Whoa! I sure am getting ahead of myself here.
  • I’m feeling incredibly unmotivated at work today.
  • I have a party to go to tonight and a party to go to tomorrow. Being a social butterfly takes some serious work. All I want is a good night’s sleep. Damn time difference and jet lag. Jesse’s nighttime friskiness hasn’t helped either (but it’s very much appreciated). I’m sorry. TMI.
  • While in Cali, Jesse and I saw so many people with Nats gear on. Usually, it was people in baseball caps with the curly W. But I even saw a kid wearing a Nationals t-shirt at the Angels game. And the only reason why I noticed him is because they showed him on the jumbo-tron. How dare he wear a Nationals t-shirt to an Angel game? The sacrilege.
  • Speaking of Angels, is Bartolo Colon on the DL yet? The bastard was rubbing his elbow before he pitched on Monday, giving up 4 runs in the first inning to the dreadful A’s. He spoiled my return to Angel Stadium (after a 4 year absence). I may never forgive him for that.
  • I’m sleepy. Do I really have to go to that party tonight?

Happy Weekend, peeps! I’m going to add my vacation pics to my flickr page over the weekend and blog about the rest of the trip next week. See ya’ll Monday!

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