Saturday, July 28, 2007

our trip to the other happiest place on earth

Jesse has been obsessed with San Diego since even before we got together. He seems to think that it is the most perfect place to live...what with its mild year-round temperatures and beautiful new baseball park. I can't say that I disagree with him. If I were to move back to California, it would definitely be a move to San Diego, which is just far enough from my mom that she would have to plan a visit, rather than unexpectedly drop by.

Our first stop in San Diego (county) was the vista point on the 405. If you're from the West Side, it's the one with all of the squirrels.

This one apparently wasn't afraid of Jesse's big, bad shadow.
not afraid of the big, bad shadow

And here we are with the Pacific Ocean, which was kind enough to be our backdrop.
jesse and me and the pacific ocean

Once in San Diego, we checked out Seaport Village, a definite tourist trap, but it offers great views like this one.
jesse and seaport village

We also went to the USS Midway, where Jesse got into the cockpit of a fighter jet.
top gun

That night, we hung out at Bondi in the Gaslamp District and met up with an old friend of mine from college.
me and jesse

Here I am with my friend, Anjali.
me and anj

The next day, we went to Cabrillo National Park in Point Loma, which offers some extraordinary views of the coast. Unfortunately, that damn marine layer persisted throughout our visit.
a view of san diego from cabrillo park

Here's my updated version of "The Thinker."
the thinker

Here's Jesse freaking me out for a good picture opportunity.
where's boo boo?

Eventually, we ventured down into the tide pools.
tide pools

I took a quick video of the waves crashing over the tide pools. I could've looked at the waves all day. The sound was so relaxing!

Here we are with the ocean as our backdrop again!
me and jesse and the ocean

Following a brief visit to Balboa Park, Jesse and I hightailed it to Petco Park where the Padres were celebrating Tony Gwynn's induction into the baseball Hall of Fame. Sadly, the Padres lost!
me and jesse at petco

Next week, I'll have pics from our trip to Catalina and our visit to the OC Fair with my niece, Serena.


sunchaser said...

"which is just far enough from my mom that she would have to plan a visit, rather than unexpectedly drop by."

Haha! I so hear you on that one! :)

Those are great pictures!
San Diego is #4 on my list (from Sperlings Best Quiz). Alot of people really love it for good reason: 2nd most energetic just behind San Fran! I was really surprised to see DC as #3 (no matter how I tried to change the answers, it kept coming up in the top three! :p)

Beakerz said...

I have a whole 'thinker' type series myself. so funny.

meanwhile, why SD? I mean, the weather is wonderful and the park has gotta be sweet. but why SD and not LA or SF? or elsewhere? I'm truly curious

lizzie said...

sunchaser--that's so interesting. when i took the quiz, san diego came up 16th. boston apparently is the best place for me, followed by l.a./oc. dc was #3 for me too!

beakerz--SD is just perfect. there's a lot to do there, the temperatures are always mild, the ocean is a short drive away, it's picturesque, the ball park is awesome, and the mexican food is great. also (and this is very important to me) the city is very, very diverse. it pretty much has everything i need.

i don't think l.a. has much to offer me even though i lived there for 4 years. it was fun while it lasted and i would never move back. sf is beautiful but i need more sun than what sf gets on a yearly basis. the temps are mild there but definitely cooler than sd.